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It starts August 8 and ends August 24. Here is the website

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Where did the olmypics start?


Where is the next olmypics?


What color is the third medal in the olmypics?


What did the Haitians win this year at the olmypics?

Haiti sent a team of 7 athletes to the 2008 Games in Beijing to compete in athletics, boxing, and judo and did not win any medals.

What does olmypics mean?

well... it waz started in olympia... You Stink

When will the winter olmypics in Vancouver finish?

February 28, 2010.

Where are the 2012 olmypics going to be held?

There being held in England.

Who is team USA goalie in 2010 olmypics?

Ryan Miller

Which city was the first to light the olmypics flame?

Got to be Athens Greece.

How many years has the olmypics been around?

84 years you idiot

What sport does Barbara Kendall play in the Olmypics?

Water Boarding or surf boardong

Has The Czech Republic ever hosted the winter olmypics?

No. Not even the summer ones.

What are facts about ancient Greece olmypics?

it was in Greece and it was ancient

When did 2008 fantasy football start?


Did gladiators have anything to do with the Olympics?

No, because the olmypics were in ancient Greece history. And gladiators are from ancient Rome.... [:

Your 2008 navigator won't start ran out of gas?

my 2008 navigator wont start after runing out of gas

Why did'NT ben Johnson get the gold medal for the 100 meters at the soul olmypics?

failed drug test

When did the Gazan War of 2008 start?

December 27, 2008.

When did the depression start?


When did YoVille start?


When does the 2008 European cup start?

The 2008 UEFA European Championship finals will be played in AUSTRIA & SWITZERLAND, and will start on June 7 to June 29 2008.

When will the summer and winter Olympics start?

The 2008 summer Olympics in Bejing start August 8, 2008 to August 24, 2008 And the 2010 Winter Olympics start February 12 and end February 28.

How many medals has Michael Phelps have from all of the Olympics?

how many medals has Michael Phelps got from all of the olmypics

What roman numerical number 2014 olmypics games?

The 2014 Olympic Games was the "XXII Olympic Winter Games."

When did the 2008 winter Olympics start?

There were no winter Olympics in 2008. There were only Summer Olympics in 2008.

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