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You can not feel the baby's heartbeat.

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Q: When do you feel the baby's heart beat?
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Does it mean you are pregnant if you feel pulse in your belly?

yes you can feel the babys heart beat and feel the baby kicking around

How can you feel are hear the baby's heart beat?

You can hear it if you buy a headset designed for listening to the babys heart or when you go to your ultrasound scan you can ask the nurse to hear it.

What all will be checked in an ultra scan while pregnancy of 7 weeks?

the babys development and the babys heart beat

Can you feel a heart beat at 8 weeks?

You will not be able to feel a heart beat, but a heart beat can be detected. Usually at around 5 weeks a heart beat can be heard.

What is the thing that is used to hear a babys heart beat?

it's called a dopler

Why would your unborn baby not have a heart beat?

babys can go die in a hole wat a a stupid question of cause they have a heart beat or there dead

How long before you can feel a babys hear beat in your stomach?

You won't, but later in the pregnancy you can feel it move.

Does the mother feel the fetus heart beat without ultrasound or other equipment used to detect a heart beat?

No, the mother can't feel the fetal heart beat.

How many times does a babys heart beat in a minute?

the times is more than 80 or below it.

Can you feel your baby heartbeat in your neck?

You can feel your own heart beat in the neck, but you can't feel your baby's heart beat in your neck. A baby's heart beat is very difficult to feel and is usually picked up by ultrasound Doppler or with a stethoscope

How do you listen to the Heart Beat?

Place a stethoscope on your chest where you can feel the heart beat and you will hear it.

What are you feeling when you feel your heart beat?

Your pulse.

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