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i don't know honestly but i have masters of schools get to use 2 of the same blade you should ask angeldragongem she is a YouTube producter and a wizard 101 grandmaster or master, she was level 42 2 years ago

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If you mean the level 45 ice sword, you can get it from a boss in Dragonsypre. The boss's name is: Homonculus. If you mean the little blade that you carry for mana or health or pips, you get that in Bazaar. It is cheap depending on what you want. Sometimes you can earn them from random bosses.

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you have to get them by defeating bosses in mooshuand hope you get lucky that they drop won but you can only get them in mooshu and you cant buy them

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Q: When do you get to use 2 of the same blade in wizard 101?
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