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When do you get to use fly in soul silver?


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You have to defeat the Cianwood gym Leader, when you walk out of the ggym his wife will give the HM Fly to you


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You don't you have to use an Hm on a Pokemon

HM 02 Fly is with the woman outside Cianwood City Gym.

Fly is HM2, surf to Ciawood City and beat the gymleader Chuck. After beating him, woman outside of the gym gives you HM2 - Fly and you can use it right away.

By access you mean use? If so then you just select a Pokemon that knows fly and the word "fly" should be there. Select it and a map will pop up. Choose a destination and your Pokemon will take you there.

it is given to you when you defeat the 5th gym leader by his wife

A lady will give it to you after beating the gym in Cianwood City.

I believe it is either HM6 or HM7.

Beat Chuck and his Wife will give it to you when you leave the gym.

After you beat the 5 th gym leader it gets given to u

yes you can find that out in soul silver when lance flies on his so the answer is yes

Only one... at Cianwood city after defeating Chuck

you have to get a white flute

You need to go to cianwood city beat the leader then youll get the hm fly from a lady when you exit then teach it to a Pokemon tht can fly then go to Pokemon click on tht 1 then click fly then click where you want to go simples

fly,hydro pump,aroblast(really powerful),waterfall

Where are the genorator parts in soul soul silver

You use the safari zone blocks.

you use a sun stone on gloom

You can use pokesav, if you know how.

You get the Fly HM after defeating the Cianwood City Gym Leader. This makes it easier to get to and from the city (since it is past the water)

Im not sure,but its your choice if you use it or not.

Neither. The new game is called Soul Silver, not Silver Soul.

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