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Well, you will know if you are a guys girlfriend. I'm not sure if you mean "friend" or "girlfriend" but if you are his friend there will be some kind of friendly relationship between the two of you. If you are his girlfriend he will most likely be calling you and holding your hand. Or if the question refers to something like are we boyfriend and girlfriend still then I would have to say you would know by the way he acts towards you and if there isn't much connection then no but if there's some kind of attraction there tehn most likely yes! I hope this answered your question!

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How do you know if a ex girlfriend is over you?

you know there over you if they flirt or date other guys

How can a guy know how many guys his girlfriend slept with?

The only way to know for sure is to ask her.

Do guys prefer hanging out with guys or with a girlfriend?

Some guys who have a girlfriend prefer hanging out with their girlfriend depending on their age. Other's prefer their friends and may not have a girlfriend.

How you know your girl she love you?

Get to know the girl...maybe have a chat if you guys arnt totally friends. if you guys are already girlfriend and boyfriend....maybe tell her you love and she wat she says back Get to know the girl...maybe have a chat if you guys arnt totally friends. if you guys are already girlfriend and boyfriend....maybe tell her you love and she wat she says back

How to know if Girlfriend has lost feelings?

If your girlfriend won't talk to you or maybe if she looks other guys or is talking to a different guy more (than she is to you).

My girlfriend is messaging other guys what do I do?

Talk to her, let her know how her actions are affecting you. If she understands she will change.

Should you trust your girlfriend if she went to the movies with 2 guys?

You know the people. You need to decide for yourself.

How do you get a guy to ask you to be their girlfriend?

Be flirty but not obvious. Guys get turned off if they know a girl likes them sometimes

How do guys feel after cheating on your girlfriend?

Guys feel shattered after cheated by girlfriend. One they loved had cheated them is bad feeling.

Why guys have to date someone even if they have a girlfriend?

sorry your boyfriend did this to you but not everyone does and why he did i don't know maybe he likes the thrill

Do guys like girls withglasses?

Some guys do, I have a girlfriend with glasses.

If your husband says he loves you and you guys are separated and has a girlfriend how do you know if he still loves you?

I would say that it depends on your relationship. Why did you guys separate in the first place? How long were you together? And how is your relationhip now? Do you guys still talk?

What should I do if My pregnant girlfriend is flirting with Other guys?

You should talk to your girlfriend about it. Talk to her about how it makes you feel when you see her flirting with other guys.

Does any guys want a girlfriend?

What kind of question is that? It is really stupid, you know... I'm pretty sure that quite a few guys want girlfriends, but is not a dating site, remember that.

Does anyone in the band big time rush have a girlfriend?

We know that Carlos married his girlfriend Alexa. As for the other guys in the band, they undoubtedly do have girlfriends, but we have not ready any reports of marriages or engagements.

How can a guy steal another guys girlfriend?

he secretly goes out with the other guys girl

Do guys like when a girlfriend messes up?

no cos guys think they are always right

What should you say to ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

usually guys say "will you go out with me?" or "will you be my girlfriend?"

How do you know if your girlfriend likes another guy?

sometimes girls stare at other guys and don't listen to you when you talk they will bite their lip

Is it wrong to be jealous when your girlfriend knows more about your boyfriend than you do?

Well not really just get to know her a little bit more so you guys can know the same stuff

Did Bruno Mars admit to dating guys?

Bruno Mars do not dating guys, he had a girlfriend, so he cant be dating guys!

How do you tell if your girlfriend likes other guys?


Why is he calling you when he has a girlfriend?

because he likes you more if he calls you and still has a girlfriend. (from a guys point of view)!

What is the name of suresh raina's girlfriend?

Hey guys Raina has no girlfriend.......he said on a T.V. show......

What to do with guys hitting on my girlfriend?

sledgehammers work well...