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when your heart tells you. Just don't be to self concious about it. (in other words, don't over react) You'll know when its the right time!!

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How do you know that you are ready to have your first kiss with your boyfriend?

2nd date bro

How do you know your ready to date?

You should know when you're ready to date when the right person comes along and it just feels right. You are comfortable with them and dating them will prove to be a good thing rather than something you doubt.

How do you kiss on your second date?

Do you have to kiss on your second date. I think you should only kiss when you are ready too kiss and not because you think you have too. When you are ready to kiss you will know what to do.

Girls want a kiss in a first date?

Do you want to kiss her on the first date? If so, then go for it:) but if you do not want to(uncomfortable, not ready, not allowed...etc.), then don't let the kiss happen, or let her know that you are not ready, and want to wait to get to know her a little more

Which is correct Do you know when my car will be ready or Do you know when will my car be ready?

Do you know when my car will be ready.

How long should you wait to date after a divorce?

according to my step moms counselor you are supposed to wait about a year! but i say you should wait until you know you are ready and you know that you are over the "ex" and ready for a relationship!

If a guy just got out of a long term relationship how do you know when he is ready to date?

If he stops talking about the other person then he might be ready to move on. Just give him some time, he will be ready sooner or later.

How do you know if you are ready for a boyfriend?

your ready for a boyfriend when you feel like you are. even if you don't like a guy and he asks you out. date him to get things started. you might be nervous but that's normal.

How do you know when your ready?

When you honestly and truly know that you love the person that you are ready with, and you cannot be ready with someone until they are ready with you....

What happens if you date too early?

Nothing! You can date at whatever time your ready, But you MUST be sure that your ready. the normalish age to start dating is 14 but if your ready before then go for it! Be sure that your mum and dad have given you permission or something will happen! If you know what I'm talking about ;) Good Luck x

How do you know if the rats are ready?

Ready for what?

Who should Abby date?

It sould be someone who she really connects with. Maybe not the guy she is with at the point and time, but she will know when her heart is ready.

At what is does the average teen start dating?

I don't know what the average is. But I think that is a decision that should be made between a teen and his parents. You, as his parent, should know him well enough to know if he is ready. If you decide he is ready, tell him you want to meet any girl(s) that he does date.

How do you know your fish is ready to give birth?

Her belly will be large. It will begin to square off as she nears her due date. The average gestation is usually 28 days. When she is ready to have her babies, she will hide.

What is the best way to tell a guy to wait to date you?

tell him your not ready or do what mosyt of my friends do avoid him till your ready to date him and ask him out :)

How is a date written?

A date is written when it was finished . Or when it was ready for publishing in the Internet

How do you know if your ready for a relationship?

if You're ready for a ...

Is christian beadles allowed to date?

yes , he is...... but he said he isn't ready to date yet! i met him .and i asked he isn't ready .SOORRY * :P

How do you know a fire extinguisher is ready to use?

You have to look on the indicator near the trigger of the Fire Extinguisher and also check the date in which you have to use it by.

Should you date in the 8 th grade?

You should date when you feel your ready.

What should you do when someone asks you out but you are not ready to date?

Tell them that you are not ready to date anybody, and that they can try again in a few weeks or months (depending on when you want to try).

What do you when you're worried about your first kiss?

you don't panic. if your not ready to kiss tell her date that. if you are ready then go for it just if you get uncomfortable then stop the kiss and move on. if you don't know how to kiss then practice on something like a mirror.

What does she mean when she says she doesn't date?

Maybe she really doesn't date. Maybe she is not ready for a serious relationship. Give her some time for when she can decide on when she's ready to date. or she might not want to go out with you, but probably not.

How old should you be to date a guy?

Love has no age! You date a guy when you feel ready!

Why do teenagers dating?

Teenagers date because they feel as if they are ready for that committment. They want to know what its like to actually be in a relationship. They will say they are in love but they do not know what love is.. Teenagers are on a quest to find love.

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