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When do you make a move?


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When the time is right. You will know and they will know. I luv u chris!!


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you have to make your move! you have to make your move!

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Ask him : How about to make a move right now ?

If you "get" him to make the first move, you have really made the first move, haven't you?

don't move a muscledon't move or I'll shootget a move ongood movemake a movemake the first movemoved to tearsmove it or lose itmove onmove on down the roadsmooth movewatching your every move

no be nice and make the first move, after all he asked you out, unless you asked him out then he should make the first move

she make the first move when she feels ready

Girls generally prefer the guy to make the first move.

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hold your hand sideways in front of a light to make a shadow puppet of a dog's head, then move your pinky finger to make the mouth move, and move your thumb to make the ear move.

Your pawn can move 1 space or 2 spaces for your first move in chess or your knight can make its accustomed move.

To make your ears move you need to think,''I can move my ears, I can move my ears, I know I can!'' Really hard. Then just look to your left and try to move your eyebrowns then your ears will move!!! Belive me it works.

Then you make the first move :)

Make Your Move - song - was created in 2011.

Yeah... don't make a move in 5th grade. Sorry kiddo that's way to young

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If you will not move on, Then move out. Make a choice and get it done.

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The knights can make the first move in chess.

you make it move by jumping on the wings (is that what they're called??).

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if you have a Nintendo wii you will need a nunckuck to make your Lego person move

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