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When do you need to register for TOEFL exam?


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Of course, it depends on when do you want to take it. To be sure that there will ba available dates for the one you prefer, you better register 5-6 week before the wanted date.

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Click on the related links section (TOEFL) indicated below. It will take you to the TOEFL site where you can register for the test.

The TOEFL exam for English is best explained by the following websites. Good luck! me

As far as I know, TOEFL scores are only valid for two years. If you did toefl in 1998, then you have to retake the exam again.


YES..!!! bUT your academics will also counted to get a addmission in HARVARD and OXFORD. and if you give TOEFL + SAT (UNDERGRADUATE), TOEFL+ GRE (GRADUATE) then it also help you to get addmission.

No, there are vast discrepancies between the two format. In short, in TOEFL iBT there are Integrated tasks in TOEFL Speaking and TOEFL Writing sections which are missing in PBT. There are also differences in TOEFL Reading and Listening section that basically make the iBT guide book useless for PBT exam.

If you are an international student, you will need to get your transcripts from Mexico evaluated by a service like WES or IERF. You will also need to take an English language proficiency exam, such as the TOEFL.

A group of underground ninjas owned by the exam board come to your house and hunt you down, be careful

it is a English proficency exam for international college applicants. a test of English as foreign language

I would talk to the student counsilor they are trained to know exactly what classes and tests you will need.

Not automatically. You would need to register in New York, but not take the exam over again.

toefl and gre/gmat depending on college for which you are applying Both IELTS and TOEFL are English language tests,scores for which are accepted in universities across the world,but basically TOEFL is an American exam, and IELTS a BRITISH exam,conducted by british council and its associates. Test structure and duration of test also differs for both the tests.....apart from the common reading,writing and listening sections,for IELTS you also have to appear for a face to face interview...FOR DETAILED ANALYSIS AND ANSWER PLEASE VISIT::::::: Ielts is a paper based test and Toefl is a ibt test (internet based test). both test are accepted in US/ CANADA universities.

Yes indeed. Make sure to have the University codes before you sit for the exam, cos you wont have the ability to search by name. The university codes may be found in each TOEFL bulletin and in the official TOEFL web page.

If you are not a native English speaker, you'll most likely need to take TOEFL (or IELTS) to prove your English proficiency.

SCJP Exam can be any day, any time in any Prometric Examination center around the world. All you need is to register beforehand the date and time when you want to take the exam and you are free to take it at that date/time.

Kaplan Tampa English School located at 5405 East Fowler Avenue in Tampa, Fl offers TOEFL classes.

hi...this is avinash ...i am studying b.tech3 rd year i want write gre exam suggest me

TOEFL exam is considered as one of the most ideal test for testing your proficiency in English language. When you decide to study abroad which opens many opportunities for the career it is important to know the requirements for getting an admission in universities abroad. When you are planning to join a university in a country where English is the native language and even the mode of instruction is the same, it is mandatory to get through the entrance test such as TOEFL to prove that you have the necessary strong skills in English

Enter web site and follow the link register for the test. Of course you have to provide personal information in order to register. Do not try to cheat because you will pay via this account! Success!

The interested party can find information for the Test Of English As A Foreign Language (TOEFL) and all other immigration issues on the U.S. Immigration Support website.

TOEFL was created in 1964.

SCJP Exam can be any day, any time in any Prometric Examination center around the world. All you need is to register beforehand the date and time when you want to take the exam and you are free to take it at that date/time.

You can study for the exam by ordering a book filled with sample questions from Then to register for the exam you can go to the

yes, you do need to register for college.

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