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Here are answers from FAQ Farmers: * Anytime throughout your pregnancy. * It depends how much you eat. The baby/placenta/uterus do not add any significant weight until the 4th or 5th month. Some women put on very little weight, particularly if they were overweight to begin with and watch what they eat. I once cared for a woman who weighed 168 pounds at the start of her pregnancy and 161 pounds at the end (with the help of the hospital dietician). Her mother was prediciting dire consequences. Her baby boy weighed over 10 pounds. She went home weighing 137 pounds. * It is up to your body. Eat when you're craving or when you're hungry. Don't over stuff yourself.

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Q: When do you start gaining weight when pregnant?
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Why do you look pregnant when you're not?

Ether you are gaining weight or you are bloated.

How to tell if a teddy bear hamster is pregnant?

1) Her nipples will start showing. 2) She will start gaining weight. 3) She will start creating a nest and hiding her food.

How much does the hamster weigh when it is pregnant?

There is no specific weight for a pregnant hampster. The only way to know is if the hampster is gaining weight and acting strangely.

Why is your belly growing if you are not pregnant?

your gaining weight b/c u eat too much.

If I have been cramping and gaining weight and spotting and had severe back pain could I be pregnant?

yes. get tested

What if your 13 you miss your period your gaining weight and bloating. But never had sex. Could you be pregnant?

If you have never had sex then you are definitely not pregnant but if you are gaining weight, bloated and you missed your period then it sounds kind of serious and you should go and see your doctor. The main thing is no sex = no baby.

Why are you gaining weight really fast when you have had an IUD for a year and am not pregnant?

You will gain weight if the amount of energy you take in is more than the amount you use.

What does it mean when your belly button grows and you not pregnant?

You're gaining weight... so if you do not like it exercise, or eat healthier.

Would gaining weight give you the same symptoms as a pregnancy you think you are pregnant have all the symptoms but got a negative result could you just be getting fat?

Are you still getting your period? Gaining weight can make you more tired. It wont make your breast tender unless its alot of weight at once. Like 25 pounds or more in a few weeks. You do not get sick from gaining weight. You dont get swollen ankles from gaining weight, those come after gaining weight. Go to the doctor and take the pregnancy test there because its more accurate than the store one. If your not pregnant they can evaluate the weight gain. It could be something else like thyroid.

Why would one start gaining weight?

They might be unhappy with their body. Also they might be stressed out.

Why do you get stretch marks after gaining weight on your lower belly without being pregnant?

Stretch marks occur from rapidly losing or gaining weight in one part of the body. You do not have be pregnant to lose or gain weight in your lower stomach area. There are many products on the market that claim to fade stretch marks like Mederma, but a natural remedy is aloe vera gel.

How can you lose weight without gaining stretch marks?

You develop stretch marks from gaining weight, or pregnancy, but not from losing weight.

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