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Q: When do you typically start to get stretch marks in pregnancy?
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During pregnancy when do you start to get stretch marks on your breast?

During pregnancy when do you start to get stretch marks on your breast?

How do I get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy?

Most stretch marks go away without help after birth but a good way to help get rid of them is to use lotion. Cocoa butter is a great way to start and is made of natural ingredients so its safe for you and your baby.

Why do I have stretch marks and I'm are not overweight?

because it means that you put on weight and then you lose it and that keeps happening you start to get stretch marks

When does your stomache start to itch during pregnancy?

Your skin stretches during pregnancy as your baby grows. The itching is a consequence of that. Keep lotion on your belly daily and do not scratch. Otherwise chances are that the itching area will turn to stretch marks.

When do start to see stretch marks?

Stretch marks can be from being pregnant, gainging weight, building muscle too fast or can be normal in teenagers during puberty. In all of these conditions, the stretch marks start when the skin begins to stretch more than it can withstand. For some that may never happen. For others, it can occur very early.

What stretch mark creams really work?

None. Sorry, but it's true. No cream will remove stretch marks. Stretch marks form in the dermis (the lower layers of skin)... applying creams to your skin (the epidermis) is going to have no effect on your stretch marks, because the creams simply cannot penetrate that far down into your skin to come into contact with the stretch marks.

What marks the start of pregnancy?


How can you reduce the stretch marks on your breasts?

Removing Stretch Marks on Your Breast?Once you have stretchmarks they are with you for life, but they do fade to thin white marks over time.NO THEYRE NOT!! if your stretch marks are from growing to fast then they will eventually go away. but if they are there because they grew to big...then yea theyre there for life

When does a pregnant belly show?

You can start to show in your second month of pregnancy. You can see your skin start to stretch itself out. This is an uncomfortable time during pregnancy.

How do you prevent stretch mark?

if you havnt got stretch marks now then don't put wait on realy fast or loose wait fast cause they start stretch marks and if you've got them or had them use palmers cream or bio-oil and keep using

What is an easy way to get rid of stretch marks?

A dermatologist has laser treatment and other things available for stretch marks. Unfortunately, there is no cream or home remedy for stretch marks. They run too deep in the skin layers. Many creams claim to fade stretch marks, but all they do is soften the skin. when a part of your body is being pulled or alot of pressure is being put on it you usually get them when you are pregnant or a part of your body is bigger that normal its natural though and can be removed by applying cocoa butter daily ( :Get surgery.Stretch marks are caused when the skin is stretched beyond its elasticity and scars form. Excessive weight gain can case stretch marks as well as gaining weight too quickly.Skin does not bounce back if it's been stretched by rapid growth due to pregnancy, weight gain, or extreme weight loss. Instead, it becomes decorated by a form of scarring called stretch marks, or striae. Stretch marks often start off as reddish or purplish in color and then become glossy skin that appears streaked in silver or white.Stretch marks occur in the dermis, the elastic middle layer of skin that allows it to retain its shape. However, when constantly stretched, the dermis can break down leaving behind stretch marks.

How can you hide stretch marks?

To hid the stretch mark then start using Mederma cream. Purchase Mederma online for treating old as well as new stretch marks within 6 months.

What can i use to reduce appearance of stretch marks?

Revamin Stretch Mark is an advanced cream that helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks.Β The cosmetic contains extracts, vitamins and oils that improve the condition of the skin on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms. The natural formula of the product makes it safe for the skin and does not cause side effects. Regular use of Revamin Stretch Mark helps to lighten stretch marks.Β The skin's elasticity and firmness are also improved. Additionally, the skin becomes visibly softer and more nourished. The product can also be used prophylactically to prevent the appearance of new stretch marks. Women are looking for natural solutions to help them get rid of aesthetic defects such as stretch marks, and Revamin Stretch Mark is the answer.Β Take advantage of the huge demand for the product and start promoting today! You will receive a 30% commission on each sale!

Does Captiva Stretch Mark Cream Work?

Captiva is new stretch mark cream in the market But within 15 days of use users could experience improvement in their stretch marks ( From eBay and forum posts) Captiva contains a proprietary blend of peptides, compounds that enhance the skin's ability to "fill in" damaged areas by stimulating cell production. Stretch marks occur due to tearing of the middle layer of the skin called dermis layer due to rapid stretching of the skin during rapid weight gain, pregnancy, puberty Captiva formula changes the composition of skin deep in the dermal level… where new skin cells are made. The peptides in the cream encourage cell production to heal the stretch marks. These new cells heal stretch marks and slowly they start disappearing. Within 2 weeks of use results would be visible. But if stretch marks are very old say 10 years, they will not disappear completely, but they will start fading away in 20 days. In this case you will have to use captiva for 3-5 months.

How do you get rid of stretch marks on your legs?

I would suggest you abrade top layer of the skin where stretch marks are located. I've gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and got stretch marks all over my body. No stretch mark cream ever helped because stretch marks are like scars there's that dead cell buildup that you can only mechanically remove(exfoliate). I've researched all kinds of methods and settled for microdermabrasion because it's not painful and you can do it yourself at home.The only thing you need to get are abrasive crystals.

How do you keep your stomach free from stretch marks while pregnant?

Sadly, stretch marks are something that cannot be prevented completely as they are caused by the hormones of pregnancy.. However, there are some steps that can be taken to reduce their severity. Exercise, before, durring, and after pregnancy. Use lotions to help skin retain its elasticity. Take vitamins, multi-vitamins, and specially vitamin E. Eat lots of vegatables and fruit. Drink nothing but water. Water's natural ability to help the body both heal and sustain will aid in avoiding stretch marks. At the drug store you can buy "mothers friend" It works wonders.

What can you use to remove stretch marks?

Home Remedies for Stretch Marks: 5 Ingredients to Try Stretch imprints, likewise called striae, happen when your skin changes shape quickly because of development or weight acquire. They are definitely not a sign that anything isn't right with your wellbeing. The two people can get stretch imprints. Pregnancy and adolescence are the two most basic occasions in life to get stretch imprints. From the start, a stretch imprint will show up as a dainty red or purple line on your skin that takes on an unexpected surface in comparison to the encompassing skin layer. In the long run, most stretch imprints blur and take on a lighter or practically clear shading, and become gleaming. Disposing of stretch imprints in a totally regular manner isn't likely. They're a kind of scarring that seldom blurs enough to get undetectable. Notwithstanding, there are a few cures that can help limit the presence of stretch stamps and assist them with blurring all the more rapidly.

Is it normal for an adolescent with growing breasts to have stretch lines on them?

Yes. I'm 18 and I have them too. It's normal for any part of your body that is growing to get stretch marks. And since breasts start to swell a little, a couple days before your period, that make contribute a bit towards stretch marks. They'll probably start to go away with time.Answerit's normal. happened to me. but they never went away. 2 things i wish i did was wear a bra earlier (keeps them perky) and use a heavy moisturizer every day (may prevent stretch marks) there are some you can find in health food stores for pregnant women's stomachs to prevent stretch marks, and this might help with your breasts too. then again, I've had lots of people really like my stretch marks. so you never know.

How soon after intercourse can and will a woman start having pregnancy symptoms?

It takes approximately 10 days for implantation to occur after an egg is fertilized. This is typically when women start to experience pregnancy symptoms.

When do you start gaining pregnancy weight?

You may have gained a couple of pounds at the begining but when you are about five to seven months along is when you really put on the pounds because that is when the baby starts to put on its weight adn it needs as much food as possible to be able to grow so this is the time to start puting coco butter on your stomach to keep the stretch marks away

When does vomiting start in pregnancy?

Some women do not get morning sickness during pregnancy. It depends on the person when or if it will happen. Typically you start to get pregnancy symptoms when your hormone level is high enough...usually around 8 wks or so.

What are some notable happenings during the second trimester of pregnancy?

Pregnancy gets easier on second trimester when it comes to nausea. There would be less nausea if not all gone. However, it doesnt mean that it will be 100% easy on second trimester. There will be a lot of changes in and on your body. Your belly will start to show, your breasts becomes fuller, stretch marks would be starting to form and some other things.

How do you get strech marks?

if you start scrathing your skin you get stretch marks. so wen your tighs or arms or breasts or stomach iches you shouldn't scrach your skin you should just rub you skin or clean it w/ alcohal

When you see red stretch marks lines on your stomach what can this mean?

Both men and women get stretch marks when the skin expands quickly like when you gain weight. It's not dangerous and the lines gets pale in time. Teen girls who get on the birth control pill often get it because their breasts start to grow quicker.

How long does it take to start showing?

You can show during your third month in pregnancy. You need to gain about five pounds to start showing your belly. Your skin will stretch and this causes it to itch.