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Guitar Hero 4 is coming out for the Nintendo DS not the playstation 2.

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Is there a Guitar Hero 4?

Guitar Hero Aerosmith is technically Guitar Hero 4, given it was the 4th Guitar Hero game to come out.

How many more Guitar Hero games will come out?

I think 4 more. 1.DJ Hero 2.Band Hero 3.Guitar Hero 5 4.Guitar Hero "Van Halen"

Can you play Guitar Hero 4 on Guitar Hero world tour?

Guitar Hero World Tour is Guitar Hero 4.

When will Guitar Hero 4 come out?

It wasn't announced yet..

Can you use a Guitar Hero 4 guitar on Guitar Hero 5?

yes indeed you can use a guitar hero 4 guitar on guitar hero 5... in fact, if you have drums, microphone, or guitar from ANY guitar hero pack.. you will be able to use any of them with any guitar hero package which include ALL of the GUITAR HERO PACKS.. ** Guitar hero 1 ** Guitar hero 2, 3, 4, , 5, and even on band hero

What is the next Guitar Hero?

guitar hero aerosmith & guitar hero 4 -TayuyaRocks101

When is next Guitar Hero coming out?

Guitar Hero 4 is set to come out for the Nintendo DS between October and December this year.

Can you use Guitar Hero 3 guitar for Guitar Hero 4?

yes, all the guitar hero guitars work for all of the guitar hero games.

Are Guitar Hero 4 guitars compatible with Guitar Hero 3?

Yes the guitar hero world tour (4) controller will work with guitar hero 3 on any system

Can you use Guitar Hero 4 instruments with Guitar Hero 5?

Yes any guitar is compatible with Guitar Hero

When does Guitar Hero 4 comes out?

The next Guitar hero coming out is Guitar Hero Aersomith and that will come out in North America on June 29, 2008, Europe June 27, and Australia August 7. Guitar Hero World Tour (with drums andnew instruments) is tagged to come out October 27, 2008.

Can you use Guitar Hero World Tour drums with other Guitar Hero games?

You can use them with Guitar Hero: Metallica, Guitar Hero Smash Hits, and guitar hero 4

Will Guitar Hero 4 be on playstation 2?

There is no "Guitar Hero 4" as of May 25, 2008. However, the 5th installation of the Guitar Hero series, Guitar Hero: Walk This Way, will be available on the PS2.

Will the Guitar Hero 3 guitar work on Guitar Hero 4?

Guitar Hero 4 will be compatible with any controller from previous ones as long as the controller is from the same system.

What guitar hero came out after guitar hero 3?

Guitar Hero World Tour. Unless you count Guitar Hero Aerosmith- which isn't considered guitar hero 4. For some reason they didn't include the number 4 in world tour anywhere.

Is there going to be Guitar Hero 4 for ps2?

yes there is going to be a guitar hero 4 for ps2

Release date of Guitar Hero 4?

Guitar Hero 4 was officially named Guitar Hero World Tour. In North America, Guitar Hero 4 was released on October 26, 2008. In Europe, it was released on November 7, 2008 .

Is guitar hero 3 compatible for guitar hero 4?

The Guitar Hero III guitar is completely compatible with Guitar Hero: World Tour provided you're still using it with the Wii.

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