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Q: When does Jonas First See The Ability To See Beyond?
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What are some characteristics of Jonas in the book the Giver by Lois Lowry?

He has blue eyes and the ability to see beyond.

Does it say anything when Jonas sees the apple change in the giver?

It signifies that Jonas is different than others. Why was he able to indicate a change in the apple, and his friend Asher, was not able to? This foreshadows that Jonas has a special ability which later will be known as the "ability to see beyond."

What is unique about Jonas in the giver?

To see beyond .

What Jonas could see when he began to see beyond in the giver?


In the giver what could Jonas see when he began to see beyond?


What does the capacity to see beyond mean in the giver?

Jonas's community has no colour in it, it is all equal, they have "sameness". So the capacity to see beyond means that Jonas was able to see parts of his community the way they should be, with colour and such. That's why he can see Fiona's red hair.

In the giver what makes Jonas certain he does have the capacity to see beyond?

Jonas is starting to see how life was in the past and he sees color.

What are the 5 requirements Jonas needed to possess to become a Receiver in the book the Giver?

"With her hand still firmly on his shoulder, the Chief Elder listed the qualities. "Intelligence," she said. "We are all aware that Jonas has been a top student throughout his school days. "Integrity," she said next. "Jonas has, like for all of us, committed minor transgressions." She smiled at him. "We expected that. We hope, also, he will present himself promptly for chastisement, and he has always done so" "Courage," she went on. "Only one of us here today has ever undergone the rigorous training required of a receiver. He, of course, is the most important member of the community: the current receiver. It was who reminded us, again and again, of the courage required" page 62 Also Jonas has the Capacity to see beyond.

What memory did the giver give jonas so he could see other colors?

He didn't give Jonas a memory - Jonas already had that ability when he was born. It was because of that ability Jonas got chosen as Receiver of Memory - the Giver only encouraged him to develop it.

What is the fifth attribute the chief mention in the giver?

Ability to See Beyond

What qualities does the chief elder explain Jonas will need?

Jonas have the fourth essential attributes that will help him in his assignment.

Why was Jonas seeing thing change for an instant then changing back to normal?

He was seeing beyond , & if you read more into The Giver ; it tells you , that JOnas is beginning to see the color red .