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What do you mean by that?

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How do you spell Katara in Japanese?

カタラ Katara

Does Haru likes Katara?

haru has a slight crush on katara but we all know katara likes aang

How did katara die?

Katara did not die, she is still alive.

Who said we fight get beat rise and fight again?

Nathanael Greene (we fight, get beat, rise, and fight again is one of his famous quotes)

Does Jet like Katara?

Yes, Jet does like Katara.

What is a water bender?

A water bender, like Katara in "Avatar - Legend of Aang", can control water in the air and use it to fight with others.

Who is prettier Katara or sakura?

katara hands down is this even a question seriously she might of had a chance in the first but in the shippuden definatly katara

What does Katara mean in Japanese?

katara means wanting hope in Japanese

What does the name Katara mean?

Katara means to check, block, or card.

Does Katara and zuko ever kiss?

No, Katara and Zuko never kiss.

What is the meaning of the name Katara?

Katara means to check, block, or card.

How old are Sokka and Katara?

On the show, Sokka is 15 and Katara is 14.

How old are Katara and zuko?

On the show, Katara is 14 and Zuko is 16.

What episode does zuko kiss Katara?

Zuko never kisses Katara.

Which episode does Aang burn Katara?

Aang burns Katara in the Deserter.

What is the episode of Katara and toph fight?

dunno if its the one ur lookin for but thers one ep where they fight for a lil bit aftr trying to train ang its Day of the blac sun part 1

How tall is Katara from 'The Last Airbender'?

She (Katara) is 5 feet tall.

Does Aang love katara?

Yes. He tells Katara he loves her in one of the shows.

Does Aang merry katara?

Yes, Aang and Katara get married, and have a son, Tenzin.

Can you fight red again?

Yes, you can fight Red again. After win against Red, you have to beat the Elite 4 Again and Red will reappear.

Does Zuko love Katara?

Only as a friend, the thing that Zuko and Katara are in love is total fanfiction, Zuko loves Mai and Katara loves Aang.

When does the Katara figure come out to stores?

Sadly, it doesn't... The Katara figure and many others were created but never got into stores because the toy-line was discontinued. Hopefully the toy-line will start back up again when the movies come to theaters.

What would Aang say if he saw Zuko and Katara kissing?

Aang would be extremely hurt, because he trusts Zuko and Katara, and he and Katara are kind of dating.

Does Aang kiss Katara in Sozin's Comet?

Yes. He does before he flies ahead of the invasion force just in case he had died in the fight between him and Ozai.

What episode did Katara take a bath?

she takes a bath in the episode "The Runaway" after she has an emotional fight with toph she took a bath under a cliff to clear her head.

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