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Rosalina wont fall in love with Wario because Mona is in love with Wario its more likely for her to fall in love with Waluigi but i don't know when.

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Q: When does Rosalina fall in love with Wario?
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Does Rosalina love Wario?

It's...doubtful at best, considering Rosalina and Wario have never been in the same game, save for Mario Kart Wii, which never had them meet.

Is Rosalina married to Wario?

No. I don't even think they were even dating.

Who is in love with rosalina?

Apparently gallantmon8. However, Rosalina will NEVER love him.

Why does rosalina love Mario?

Rosalina doesn't love Mario she loves waluigi

Will Super Mario Galaxy 3 Have Rosalina Lubba and Wario in it?

perhaps i think warios in not sure about others

Does wario have a crush?

Wario is currently "dating" Mona. Mona is short, she has orange hair, and she was first seen in WarioWare. I don't know if he has any crushes but I'd bet he likes Rosalina.

Who does wario love?

Wario loves Mona, and vice-versa.

Who does Nintendo's Rosalina love?

rosalina loves luigi i think i will ask Nintendo

Who is rosalina's boyfriend on Mario Kart?

Rosalina is going out with nobody. Although Luigi is in love with her and Rosalina loves Mario more than anyone!!

Who does nat love?


Who does Rosalina love?

No one.

Does rosalina love Mario?


Is Mario and rosalina in love?


What are the unlockable characters names in mariokart7 named?

Princess Rosalina, Wario, Metal Mario, Shy Guy, Daisy, You (mii), Queen Bee and Wriggler

Who is Rosalina in love with?

Her mother and the Lumas.

Who does princess rosalina love?

No one.

Does princess rosalina love Mario?


Can you ulock people on Mario Kart 7?

yes you can unlock wario daisy rosalina metal mario shy guy honey queen wiggler and lakitu

Does rosalina love anybody?

Her mother and the Lumas.

Does waluigi love rosalina?

they never met

Is Rosalina in love with Nat Wolff in the Naked Brothers Band movie?

Yes, in the Naked Brothers Band movie, Rosalina is shown to have some love for Nat, though she tries to hide it.

Who is the fastest Mario Kart 7character?

Rosalina ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am a different person.He is actually wrong.The fastest characters are actually m.mario,bowser,h.queen and wario.

Does Nat Really love Rosalina?

Yes, it is consistently shown on the Naked Brothers Band show and movie that Nat loves Rosalina.

Does Mario love peach or rosalina?

Peach... No doubt about it...

Is Nat Love blond?

no because rosalina is not blond