When does Tobi fight?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Tobi fights against Konan and is victorious in the episode called Breached Mind. This is episode number 213. Tobi fights Naruto and a group of fighters in the Naruto Shippuden episode number 134. The name of the episode is Banquet Invitation.

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Q: When does Tobi fight?
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Does kakashi fight tobi?


Who is stronger Tobi from naruto or arceus from Pokemon?

Tobi because nobody could defeat him. But i think if naruto fight Tobi Tobi will get kill

Why does Naruto fight A?

Naruto wants to fight Tobi, and A fears that Tobi will extract the fox from Naruto and use it to take over the world

What volume does Tobi fight Kakashi?

they don't

How can Tobi die?

in the manga chapter 503 or 504 the fourth hokage fight s Tobi and hits him because when Tobi attacks your able to hit him.

Does Tobi fight Sasuke?

no he doesnt. not yet i dont think

Who will win the fight for the 3 tail Sanbi?

The Akatsuki more specifically Deidara and Tobi

Naruto what episode did Naruto fight with Tobi leader ogf the akatsuki?

I'm not sure of when Naruto fights Tobi alone, but there is an episode in Shippuden in which he fights Tobi with a group of six or so shinobi whilst on a quest for Sasuke. This episode is number 134, called "Banquet Invitation".

Who would win in a fight between saskue and Tobi?

Tobi, hands down. He knows how to summon the 9 tails. Sasuke can't do anything but bleed his eyes out trying to make his eyes change shape.

Will Sasuke die soon?

Seams unlikely, due to the fight between Tobi and Madara against Naruto & co.

What episode does Kakashi fight Kabuto?

it starts at episode 81 but im not really sure

What is the name of Toklo's brothers?

I am positive it is Tobi