Why does Naruto fight A?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Naruto wants to fight Tobi, and A fears that Tobi will extract the fox from Naruto and use it to take over the world

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Q: Why does Naruto fight A?
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Does Naruto ever fight Guy?

No, Naruto doesn't ever fight Guy.

Do Naruto and Sora ever fight?

Yes, Naruto and Sora do fight. They fight at least two times.

Does Temari fight in Naruto Shippuden?

Yes, Temari does fight in Naruto Shippuden.

What episodes in Naruto do sasuke and Naruto fight in?

Naruto episode 107 - 108

In the Naruto series when do Naruto and Sasuke have the big fight where Naruto scratches sasukes headband?

i believe the whole fight is in the episodes of 128 to 135

Does Naruto ever fight pain?

naruto does fight and more or less destroys all six bodies, it's a wicked fight.

What episode of Naruto does tenten Neji and Naruto fight against Noroimusha?

They fight him from episodes 162 to 166.

Who would win in a fight itachi or naruto?

Naruto ado

What episode does does Naruto fight negi?

episode 60 in naruto

What number Naruto episode does Naruto fight Pain?


Do Naruto and Konohamaro fight as Naruto has suggested in the 2nd ep of Naruto?

They did not yet they might

Who does naruto fight after pain?

I'm not sure but i think he will fight Sasuke thats not the whole truth that was hardly a fight Only Real fight Naruto fights is against Kyubi take control over him after Pain vs Naruto