When does WWE All Stars come out?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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It was originally supposed to come out in mid 2011 but now it could be moved to late 2011 :( Im waiting for it too man

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Q: When does WWE All Stars come out?
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Will WWE all-stars come on psp?

it is on psp

What date does WWE all-stars come out?

march 29th 2011

When did WWE All Stars happen?

WWE All Stars happened in 360.

How do you do your signature move on WWE all-stars?

How I do signature move on wwe all stars

Can you play WWE all-stars online?

yes i play wwe all stars online

When was WWE All Stars created?

WWE All Stars was created on 2011-03-29.

Is there going to be a WWE all-stars 2?

i think its possible to make wwe all stars 2

Is WWE boogeyman in WWE all-stars?

No he isn't.

When does WWE all stars come out on xbox 360?

It has already been released on March 29 2011

When will WWE all-stars come out in 2011?

It comes out march 29. (i know you can't wait either)

Is the neXUs in WWE all-stars?

No they are not

Is WWE all-stars released?