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When does a kitten become a cat?

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Kittens become cats because of the food that they eat and the nutrients comes from the food and the cell of their body is becomes larger and larger until they grown

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I takes about 8 weeks for the newborn to become a full grown kitten. And about 8 to 9 month for the kitten to become a juvenile (young) cat. By this time though, it is not a "full" grown cat.

Cat = kat, or if it is a female one: Poes Kitten = kitten

the kitten is a baby cat. So the kitten comes 1st.

Cat is to kitten as adult is to child (or baby).

A kitten is a baby cat.

It is a kitten.

Kinda when a cat is younger you say kitten when it older you say cat you :)

A kitten is a baby cat (under one year old), but is called a kitten. A cat is an adult cat, over one year in age.

why is a small cat called a kitten

I think it depends on the cat. My mom had a cat and her kitten died and for like the next year or two she was looking for her kitten.

A kitten can have cat grass at any time; it is perfectly safe for all ages of cat and kitten. There is no set age a kitten should have cat grass, however.

You do not name any of your pets, Cats would be Cat, Kitten, Wily Cat, Lazy Cat, Overgrown Cat, and all of the above after a certain quest (I don't know which one) could become Hell Cat, Hell Kitten, Wily Hell Cat, so on so forth.

The verb is "were" and the subject is "a gray cat and a stripe [sic] kitten"; the simple subject is "cat ... and ... kitten".

12 months for most breeds, otherwise as early as 10.

A kitten (Old Englishdiminutive of cat) is a juvenile domesticated cat (Felis catus) that is not fully-grown

An adult kitten is a cat.

A kitten becomes an adult cat at about 8-12 months of age.

If a kitten is stuck in a mother cat, get her to a vet or an emergency animal hospital immediately. Aside from the pain she is in, if the kitten is not removed the mother cat will die.

When a cat is a kitten, it will want to sleep a lot so they aren't really playful but as they get older, they will become more playful and a lot more loving if you take care of it when it's a kitten and a cat.

That depends on the pet. For example, a kitten/cat eats fish.That depends on the pet. For example, a kitten/cat eats fish.That depends on the pet. For example, a kitten/cat eats fish.That depends on the pet. For example, a kitten/cat eats fish.

no your kitten will not get killed by the larger cat since your kitten is younger your kitten wants to follow it around because its bigger and its smarter your kitten is actully learning stuff by following the big cat because big cats knoiw how to hunt and be sneaky do not worry your kitten is just fine i have a kitten and a very large cat 30 lbs and he's fine but keep your kitten away from dogs!if a dog charges at your kitten the dog can break your kittens neck

It needs to be an overgrown cat, when it's overgrown you can, it goes kitten > cat > overgrown cat so there's 3 stages not 2.

If you have a cat, when it is 100%, you get the option to "brush kitten" (it's the kitten version of "harvest").

That is because they are confusing small cats for a 'kitten' which is a newly born cat.

Yes, a cat can have anywhere from 1 kitten to 13.

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