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Peer Pressure

When does peer pressure occur?


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February 05, 2017 2:22PM

It can happen at any time and any place.

It can happen usually when there is a big gang of friends, and you're all doing something. Say your all sat on a park bench next to a main road, and all of the other kids say i know lets run across the road and back - for fun! Then you say "No! That's far too dangerous" - which it is. They all make you feel as thought you have to do it, so in the end you do. That's peer pressure! AND IT'S WRONG. If you ever need help please ring 0800 111.

Which is the number for childline which you can talk to them for free, confidentially for advice.


Peer pressure does not only happen to young people but to gown ups also. It is often talked about as happening in school only, but it can also happen in the workplace, or even at home when older brothers or sisters put pressure on a younger sibling to conform to their ideas. However most would agree that school is the most favoured place to exert peer pressure. It often occurs when a group or even a single person wishes to dominate another, or to have them conform to their ideas. The first to answer is a good example, and their advice is well founded.

No-one wishes to be labelled a "Wimpy Kid" so they do as is expected of them or put up with the taunts showered upon them by their less intelligent class mates. It is the stronger willed but less intelligent who are the peer bullies, and it starts when those picked upon allow it to happen. Unless one has gone through it themselves, one cannot know the anguish the person goes through.