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When? Everyday day of our lives!

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Who began the Catholic church?

Catholics believe that Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church.

Who founded the holy roman and apostolic church?

Catholics believe that Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church, and that this Church is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.

How did Jesus affect the Catholic Church?

Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ did not affect the Catholic Church, He established the Catholic Church.

Do Catholics believe that Jesus is the son of God?

Yes. most Christians, including members of the Catholic Church, believe Jesus to be the son of God.

Why do you believe in the Catholic church?

I believe in God. The Catholic church is the church God created.

Did the Roman Catholic Church believe that their emperor represented Jesus Christ on Earth?

.Roman Catholic AnswerOf course not! The Catholic Church is the Church founded by Our Blessed Lord to lead all people to heaven, it has no emperor!

What do the Jesuits believe in?

Jesuits believe in the Society of Jesus, which is a Roman Catholic order of priests founded by St. Ignatius Loyola, among others. They believe in the reformation of the Catholic church.

Does the United Church of Christ believe in the Virgin Mary?

No, Mary is only in the Catholic Church. They do acknowledge she was the mother of Jesus, but do not worship her.

Why do Catholics believe what the Catholic Church teaches about Jesus?

Because the catholics stay faithful to the Creator and believe in the one god.

What is a Roman Catholic Church?

It depends in what sense... The Roman Catholic Church is the catholic church and all it's members. The pope is the head of the church and we believe in the trinity and that Jesus s the son of God who died for our salvation. A Roman Catholic Church is the building in which Catholics meet to celebrate mass and to be with God

Are non Catholic Christians related to Christs church?

Of course, they also belong as a church of Christ because they believe the divinity of Jesus.

Do you need to believe that Jesus is divine to be a member of the catholic religion?

Yes; the belief that Jesus is God is a doctrine of the Catholic Church attested to in Scripture and defined as dogma by the Council of Nicea.

Did the Catholic Church exist before Jesus?

No. Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church so it could not have existed before Him.

Who was Jesus father in the Catholic encyclopedia?

The Catholic Church teaches that Jesus' father is God. That is why the Church teaches that Jesus is the Son of God. Joseph was Jesus' step-dad.

What are you called if you believe in Jesus and god?

If you truly believe in Our Blessed Lord, then you are a Catholic Christian. Our Blessed Lord was very specific in founding HIS Church, which as St. Paul puts it, and the author of Hebrews: the church IS the Body of Christ. Thus to believe in Jesus means that you believe in the Church He founded on St. Peter (Matthew 16:17-19) and guaranteed until the end of the world. As the Church has taught for countless years: there is no salvation outside of the Catholic Church.

What is a cathlic?

Here's a basic answer for you... A Catholic is a follower of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is founded on the teachings of Jesus. Unlike some other Christian Churches, the Catholic Church is Apostolic. This means the lines of leadership in the Catholic Church come directly from Jesus' Apostles.

What does it mean to be a member of the Catholic Church?

To be a member of the Catholic Church means to believe in Catholic Christianity and be a official in the Roman Catholic Church and/or attend a Catholic Church.

Who are Catholic and age of Catholic?

Catholics are Christians who have been baptized in the Church and believe in the Nicene Creed in its traditional interpretation. The Catholic Church was begun by Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, around 33 A.D. so the Catholic Church is nearly 2,000 years old.

Who is the invisible head of the Catholic Church?

Jesus Christ is the invisible head of the Catholic Church.

Why kill Jesus then support his killers in the Roman Catholic Church and pope?

It was the Roman authorities that killed Jesus, not the Roman Catholic Church.

When was Catholic Apostolic Charismatic Church of Jesus the King created?

Catholic Apostolic Charismatic Church of Jesus the King was created in 1978.

What does the Catholic church teach about yoga?

The Catholic Church teaches that yoga shouldn't be learned - not the exercise yoga, the religion yoga - because they don't really believe in the True God or that Jesus walked this earth, which goes against Catholic Church teachings.

Who is the leadrer of the Catholic church?

Jesus Christ is the invisible head of the Catholic Church. The Pope, the Bishop of Rome, is the visible head of the Catholic Church.

What is the difference between the roman Catholic church and Ukrainian Catholic church?

ukrainian catholic church is really protestant I do believe

What does the Catholic Church believe about non Christians?

The teaching of the church is to bring all to Jesus. The church would like to have non-Christians become Catholic. However the church also believes that non-Christians can be saved if they live lives of goodness and love.

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