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When does the lost kitten come toe Animal Crossing?

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The lost kitten comes to your town when you are doing wi-fi with a friend code

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if the kitten come to your town, talk to her and then she will tell you where her mum is and then you have to connect with the other person and then the mum and kitten will reunite.

Connect with some one. When they leave, the kitten may be in your or your friends town. The kitten will be in your/friends town at a random place.

The lost kitten is a small white animal with very pointy ears and is normally wearing a pink frock. You can only see and help the kitten if you have connected with a friend and added them to your friend list.

the kitten will tell you what town they are from, the town that they are from will be one of your friends towns, the next time that you connect with that friend the kitten will come with you to the town with you and be reunited with her mother.

i will tell you you might have misplaced it

You return the kitten to the town she said she last saw her mother by using wifi or ds to ds.

Katie is a kitten who is lost. one you have visited a town you will get Katie or her mum if you have the kitten get the town who has the mum open their gate get the kitten to follow you to the town with the mum in, you will then have a clip scene.

The mother is n one of your friends town once i was sleeping at my friends house and i had the kitten and she had the mother.

no you cannot she will just wait outside your house and when you come out she will ask you where you went and start crying again so just take her to her town. hope this helped.

When you use the wi-fi connection for long disstence on animal crossing a lost kitten or mother cat will appear in your town.The town you visited or invited a player from will have the other cat,for example if you have the mother the kitten will be in other town.You must do wi-fi connection to ther town and reunite them.If you have the kitten she will follow you, you must walk slow because she is smaller then you and she will trip if you go fast.You must talk to her again to get her to follow you.To learn more go to website.

The Lost Kitten was created in 1938.

The duration of The Lost Kitten is 420.0 seconds.

I believe it's triggered by a random wi-fi event then either she or her mother will arrive at your town and the other may be in another town so just tell one where you last saw the other and you will get a rare item!

no such thing as a lost handkercheif. You could mean key if that's your question you fish them out of the river

In the place with the town gate, The bulldog named Booker will let you steal anything from the lost and found, but that is the only place where you could ever steal in animal crossing!

The Lost Kitten - 1912 was released on: USA: 27 February 1912

Yeah its in the river. you have to fish it out. Good luck with that its kinda tough...

You can either buy it from nook or see if there's any in the lost and found

on animal crossing you can shake trees and money might fall out u can do stuff 4 the people in ur town or sell stuff u find in he lost in found or fruit or whatever u got

The cast of The Lost Kitten - 1912 includes: Edward Boulden Elsie MacLeod as Lillian Girton

Yes. But this will only work sometimes usually if the mother your giving the kitten to has lost one of her own.

They lost their mittens.

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