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june-july 2009 CAN'T WAIT!! ILY MJ xoxo

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โˆ™ 2008-11-19 21:00:21
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Q: When does the new Michael Jackson Album come out?
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When does the new Michael Jackson CD come out?

The new album is out on December 14th.

When will the new Michael Jackson album come out?

No news has been given about his album, but it may come out sometime in 2009.

Did Michael Jackson have a new album ready?

Yes , Michael Jackson Did Have a New Album Ready But Sadly It Didn't Get Released But Soon It Might Be Released .

Does Michael Jackson have an new album that's not out yet?

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Is Michael Jackson coming out with a new album?

yea he has a thriller 25th anaveryery album

What is the name of the 4th track on the new michael jackson album?

I Like the Way You Love Me is the fourth track on the Michael album.

Is Michael Jackson releasing a new album soon?

A posthumous album called Michael will be released December 14, 2010.

What are the record sales of Michael Jackson new album?

to date the new Michael Jackson album MICHAEL has sold 6 million world wide its the biggest selling album of 2010 worldwide and it was only been out 2 weeks before the end of 2010

Is Michael Jackson going to come out with a new CD in 2009?

A new single will be released on October 12th and a two disc album is out on October 27th.

How much is the new Michael Jackson album this is it?

Michael Jackson's album "This is It" retails for $20 and was on sale at Target for $15 I am not sure if it still is or not.

Can you hear Michael Jackson new music?

A new single and album will be out later this month.

Are there Michael Jackson's albums currently in print process?

Yes! there is, Michael Jackson has a new album coming out December 2010 titled "Michael". Make sure you get the album:)

What is the value of a Michael Jackson Limited Edition 'Bad' album?

The 'Bad' album by Michael Jackson is available for purchase off of for a minimum of $7.99 new. See related links.

Is Michael Jackson going to release a new song?

I expect that there will shortly be a posthumous album.

When does Michael Jackson's new CD come out?

The new album is out on December 14th.

What type of work is Michael Jackson doing now?

He's currently working on a new album!

What year did Candy Girl by Michael Jackson come out?

Michael Jackson did not sing Candy Girl, a band called New Edition did.

What is the name of the Michael Jackson album released after his death?

There are two; This Is It which is a compilation of old songs and Michael which contains all new songs.

When Will any new Michael Jackson music be out?

There's a single and a two disc album out later in the month.

What happened to the new Michael Jackson album?

A new album is supposed to be released somewhere around November 22nd but they are still waiting for the estate to finalize it so it may be delayed.

New Michael Jackson songs being released in 2010?

A new album with some of his unreleased songs will apparently be out later in the year.

Michael Jackson is supossedly working on a new album but is in danger of death If he dies will they publish what he has already made- possibly as an unfinished album?

your guess...

Are there going to be new Michael Jackson songs?

A second posthumous album with previously unreleased songs will be out in late 2012.

Will Michael Jackson Make ANother Album?

He left a bunch of unreleased material, so it is possible someone will put out a new album somewhere down the line.

What is the value of a platinum Michael Jackson thriller album?

On and they sell new ones at the range of $12.00 to $999.99.