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It comes on when wwe doesn't

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Q: When does tna come on during the week?
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Will tna come to Oregon?

TNA has confirmed that it will come to Oregon in March 2011

What day of the week is TNA on Spike TV?

TNA is on on Thursdy nights on spike at 9PM

Is team 3d going come back WWE?

no they are on tna. no they are on tna.

Why tna not come in starsport?

starsport sucks as it has stop the telecaste of tna .

Will Curry Man come back to TNA?

No, Curry Man will not be back in TNA.

Do TNA hoodies come in XL?

Yes,they can be found on tna/shop .com

Who will come back 2012 tna impact wrestling?

Jeff Hardy is come back on tna impact wrestling 2012.

Is hulk hogan retiring from tna?

no he is not retiring. he just signed a new deal with tna, and is doing alot of media for them this week.

Will tna come to Hawaii?


Will tna impact 2 come out?

According to southpeak games (the new tna game producer) it will come out this winter! Around November time!

What date will the TNA wrestling video game come out?

TNA Video Game is coming out in September 2008!

When does svr 2010 tna invasion come out?

no such smackdown vs raw 2010 game that involves tna.