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The transmission fluid can only be added/changed by a dealer or someone with the proper tools to check the fluid level. There is no dipstick for the transmission. I have 89000 km on my LS & am wondering at what mileage to get the fluid changed.

You can't, it is a sealed transmission. The fluid is supposed to be good for 100k miles and then changed.

The transmission fluid on a 2005 Dodge Neon is changed by placing a drain pan under the vehicle, removing the drain plug, and allowing the transmission to empty. The drain plug is installed, fluid added through the filler tube, and the level tested via the dipstick.

Hyundai SP3 transmission fluid is used in a 2005 Hyundai Accent. This brand of transmission fluid is recommended by Hyundai.

You can find the 2005 Toyota transmission fluid dipstick on the left-hand side of the transmission. The transmission fluid dipstick will have a blue handle.

2005 Hyundai accent needs what kind of transmission fluid?


This is well detailed and illustrated in the Owners Manual - along with fluid type specifications, dipstick illustrations and more. See "Related Questions" below

Yes, I just had a clogged filter for my 05 corolla changed along with the filter.

when to change transmission fuild in 2005 highlander

Transmission fluid changes cost so much because of the location of where the fluid will be changed. Also because, like many cars this car may require a special type of transmission fluid based on its age and mileage.

My brotjer fixed his 2005 ford freestyle and it was about $4500. It depends on the labor charge the shop has

It is important to replace old transmission fluid with the right amount of new transmission fluid. The 2005 Ford Crown Victoria has a transmission fluid capacity of 5 quarts.

To change the transmission fluid on your Chevy Malibu 2005, first, pull off the pan, drain the fluid, and replace it.

As Honda has had some problems with this transmission I recommend you have the fluid/filter changed every 50,000 miles.

It uses a specific fluid. Dodge calls it Sprinter/Crossfire transmission fluid.

Just changed transmission filter and had to add tranny fluid back in. Grab a funnel, preferably with a small end that will fit in the (tranny) dipstick tube. Remove the dipstick and add the fluid as needed

most manufacturers recommend changing the fluid once a year, but check your owners manual or call your dealer to be sure.

The recommended automatic transmission fluid for the 2005-2007 Mustang is Mercon V automatic transmission fluid

It doesn't have one they run long life fluid so it doesn't get changed till you have a problem.

Transmission fluid is added down the dipstick tube.

A 2005 Buick LeSabre automatic transmission requires 7.4 quarts of Dexron III fluid.

ATF+4 automatic transmission fluidATF+4 automatic transmission fluid

The 2005 Lincoln Navigator doesn't have an automatic transmission fluid dipstick , if your transmission isn't working properly or you suspect a leak take it to the dealer

I've searched the web... for 2005 Honda Odyssey, it should be changed every 30,000 miles. This can be done easily it as transmission drain plug. Also, note, that there is no serviceable transmission filter; therefore not need to change. Hope this helps.

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