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When does vulpix learn flamethrower in Pokemon Yellow?

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Vulpix learns Flamethrower at level 35.

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no it doesent so you should better evolve vulpix at level 26 it actually learns flamethrower at level 29

Ninetales can't learn Flamethrower unless you use TM or make your vulpix lvl 24 where it will learn flamethrower then evolve it into a ninetales.

train a charizard, he'll learn it eventually

chimcha can learn the move flamethrower

In what Pokemon game? In the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games, Vulpix learns Fire Blast on level 47. Of course, you could always teach it Fire Blast from TM38 on any level. Actually, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are the only games which allow Vulpix to learn Fire Blast as a part of levelling up. The Pokemon games of the three previous generations only allow Vulpix to learn Ember, Flamethrower and Fire Spin by levelling up.

Palkia can learn flamethrower with a TM otherwise NO

Ninetales can only learn Flamethrower, so I suggest that you teach all the Fire moves to Vulpix.

Houndour will learn flamethrower at level 48

Houndour learn flamethrower at 43 level (Pokemon platinum)

You only can learn flamethrower if you have a fire-type pokemon. Look for TM35.

Houndoom learns Flamethrower at lvl 48.

No, Simisear does not learn flamethrower by leveling up. However, you can teach it flamethrower using TM35 which can be found at the Abundant Shrine, near Route 14.

There's no tm for it. Pokemon can only learn it.

Growlithe learns Flamethrower at Level 39. GrateGrynGlobz

Flamethrower: Growlithe can also learn Flamethrower via the Move Tutor in Goldenrod City (Crystal only)

In Generation I, Charizard learns Flamethrower at Level 46.Never, unfortunately in story mode your charzard is killed when he reaches about 50, normally he would learn it at level 52He learns flamethrower at level 47. Hope this helpsAhh. The Flaming charmelion. I'm sorry. It doesnt ever learn flamethrower. My pprofile is kyogre286 i got a question. Can you catch charmande,bulbarsaur and sqirtle in Pokemon yellow?Get a charmander. Evolve it into charizard. Train charizard level 46.

- Scratch - Growl - Ember - Rage 36 Slash 46 Flamethrower 55 Fire Spin

Unfortunately, Arcanine does not learn Flamethrower. Your must level your Growlithe up to lv 50 to learn Flamethrower and then evolve it to Arcanine in order for Arcanine to have the move.

I don't think there is a TM for it but you can get a Charizard, it will learn flamethrower, then breed that Pokemon with a Ditto, then that charmander should know flamethrower.

Cyndaquil/Quilava/Typhlosion learn Flamethrower at lvl 42. You can also get the TM for Flamethrower from the Game Corner for 10,000 coins, but do not recommend that on account of going insane with boredom.

Use a FIRESTONE to evolve your Vulpix into Ninetales. Evolving your Pokemon by using stones should only be done when you're certain you do not want it to learn any other new moves. Some Pokemon do not learn any more moves after evolved with stones. You can also go to the Game Corner in Celadon City and buy TM35 FLAMETHROWER from the shop there, you need 4100 coins.

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