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When does your belly start showing once you are pregnant?

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4-5 months.

2005-03-30 02:42:35
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Do girls lie about being pregnant?

ya dey lie bout being pregnant but once dey hit bout 3 or 4 mths. dey start showing so dey can't really hide it for long

When do you start showing once you are pregnant with twins?

== == I'm 10 weeks pregnant with twins and my hubby and family can already see my tummy beginning to stick out. I suppose everyone else don't notice that I am pregnant yet, but I can definitely say I am showing a little, because I can no longer suck my tummy in and every day it seems to get fuller and fuller. (PS I was super skinny prior to getting pregnant). Hope this answer helps.

Is coffee bad to drink while your pregnant?

YES, It will make them really hyper and crazy once they're out of the belly.

When can you tell that your guinea pig is pregnant?

This is a hard thing to do. The only way you can tell is by their belly. Once the babies grow big enough for mamas belly to grow big, you can tell.

Can you suck in your stomach if you're pregnant?

Yea, for the first couple of months you can. But what is the point of that, you're not even showing at this time. When you do start to show, sorry, there's no sucking in to hide that sucker. You should be proud of your pregnant belly. If you're worried that other folks will think you're just fat, if you wear the right maternity clothes, it will be obvious that that's a pregnant belly you're carrying around. Wearing the right clothing, that fits you well, will improve your self-confidence and make you feel better about the weight. You can definitely try to, but once the baby starts showing, usually around the 4th-5th month, it won't make much of a difference. You'll be able to feel the muscles clench and everything, but your stomach won't suck in much at all. No, the baby is in the way. A pregnant stomach is hard.

What is the youngist you can get pregnant?

Pregnancy is possible once ovulation starts. as soon as you start your menstrual cycle you can get pregnant.

If a girl is pregnant and has unprotected sex can she get pregnant?

A woman can only be pregnant once at a time. if she has unprotected sex while pregnant, this cannot start another baby.

Can you suck in your stomach at six months pregnant?

Definitely not. By now your belly is a pretty decent size. Be proud of your belly! If your trying to hide it, that is not a good idea. Deal with it now so that you have some support once the baby arrives.

How young can a girl be to get pregnant?

a gil can get pregnant once they have started their period, most girls start at 12 to 13 but sometimes can be earlier or later :)

How do you tell if a gourami is pregnant?

As far as I know they would appear larger in the belly area. The male will build a bubble nest and he will care for the eggs once he fertilizes them

What does menstruation indicate about girls?

When you start your period, it means you can have children. Once you start it, if you have sex and no protection, there is a strong chance you may become pregnant.

Does your back hurt when you get pregnant?

Your back can hurt when you becaome pregnant, the further along you get in pregnancy the more your back curves to accomodate your larger belly, once you deliver your baby everything eventually returns to where it was once before, so it may get worse before it gets better, but it does get better. I expereinced this with my pregnancy.

How many times a month can you get pregnant?

you can get pregnant only once a month, once your pregnant you cant get pregnant till after you have given birth.

If you already got pregnant once is it hard to get pregnant easy?

Having been pregnant once does not make it easier or harder to get pregnant a second time.

How many ponies does a horses have in a year?

Do you mean how many FOALS can a horse have in a year? Mares can be pregnant once per year. It takes 11 months for the foal to be completely formed in the belly.

How do you stop the magnifier from showing at start up on my VISTA PC?

Go into control panell and navigate to "ease of acces". Once there uncheck the magnifier.

How long does it take for your mare to start being pregnant on howrse?

For your mare to be pregnant, you must first find a stallion to cover her with. Once you have selected a stallion, agreed the price, and clicked the "cover my mare" button, she will be pregnant.

Can you get a woman pregnant if she pregnant?

No. Once pregnant, a woman can't get pregnant-er.

Why you have brown discharge instead of period?

Because once you start your period you are able to become pregnant. So when you are pregnant you are not supposed to bleed down there or you need to contact some one.

If you are on clomid to get pregnant once and it worked will you always need to go on clomid to get pregnant?

if you take clomid once to get pregnant do you have to take it agin

What should you put on an infected belly piercing?

Start with reading the "Related Links" I have posted below, once you have read them you should be able to fix your piercing issue.

In once relation of a boy a girl can pregnant?

Yes, you can get pregnant from only haviong sex once.

How does it feel when you conceive?

When you first conceive, you will not feel any different. Once you are about four weeks pregnant, you will start to have morning sickness.

Can a girl get pregnant 1 to 10?

Assuming you mean ages 1-10...a girl can get pregnant once puberty hits and her reproductive organs start working, as in, once her ovaries start releasing eggs. Generally this happens anywhere between 10-13, it all depends on the girl, it's different for everyone.

Do fire belly newts stink?

no i had one once. it did not stink.