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When does your stomach start to show in pregnancy?

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It's different for everyone. For me it was in mt fourth month I started to show. Most women can tell themselves by about 14-15 weeks but it may be another few weeks before other people notice, particularly if you have very good muscle tone, or have a fat layer covering the area.

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What are stomach flutters?

at what stage of pregnancy does stomach flutters usually start an what are they?

When does your stomach start to get bigger?

during pregnancy

When do you start noticing your stomach get bigger in pregnancy?


How early in the pregnancy will it start to hurt to lay on your stomach?

it really depents how far into the pregnancy you are....

How does a hamsters stomach look during pregnancy?

they look swollen in the stomach and the nipples show up

How many months of pregnancy will stomach start to grow?


Can your stomach start to show at only 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant?

That is usually too early to start showing. At that stage in pregnancy, the baby isn't even the size of the peanut. However, your body is beginning to adjust to pregnancy, so you may find that your stomach is starting to expand slightly. However, these are the very early stages so there shouldn't be much of that yet. If it is your first pregnancy, you probably won't start to show until around 12 weeks. If it is your second or third pregnancy, you may begin showing sooner.

When in pregnancy do your stomach get big?

It usually starts to show in the second trimester.

When does your stomach start getting bigger during pregnancy?

12 Weeks

When do you start to show?

Usually a pregnancy don't start to show until the second trimester.

When does the stomach start to get firm in pregnancy?

usually around 3-4 months you start to notice physical changes but it depends on your body and how it is reacting to pregnancy!!!

How soon after mating does a dog show signs of pregnancy?

after you see her stomach bigger

When does a pregnant belly show?

You can start to show in your second month of pregnancy. You can see your skin start to stretch itself out. This is an uncomfortable time during pregnancy.

When does your belly start to show if your pregnant?

Most people in their 1 pregnancy start to show really good around 6 months.....some folks, there belly will start to show sooner than that if its a second pregnancy.

When does your stomach begin to show signs of pregnancy?

Usually in the second trimester but everyone is different.

This is your 3rd pregnancy when will li start to show?

I started to show at my 12 weeks.

Is a burning in your stomach a sign of pregnancy?


If a bride is pregnant how soon can she get married before her pregnancy starts to show?

Usually, a pregnancy will start to show after the first 3 months!

When you are pregnant when do your stomach get hard?

Hello, During your first pregnancy your pregnancy will take longer to become more noticeable. If this is not your first pregnancy and is your second, third, etc then you will usually show earlier. The stomach usually becomes hard around the fourth month or later, into your pregnancy. Once again, it depends whether this is your first or later pregnancy. Multiple pregnancies usually show earlier. Also, if you are overweight or have extra fat on your stomach, this may result in your tummy not feeling hard until you are further along into your pregnancy.

Is lower stomach pain and stomach is hard this sign of pregnancy?

The lower stomach pain might indicate that you are going to be due your period. The ''stomach going hard'' however may not be a sign of pregnancy - It does also depends on how long ago you had sexual intercourse and you may feel your stomach has grown. It begins to show after A month or Two.

Is it normal to have a cold stomach during pregnancy?

it normal to have a cold stomach during pregnancy

You are feeling movement in your stomach and can see your stomach move but is not gas can it be anything else but pregnancy?

No it is pregnancy!!!

Will you start to show at 16 weeks if this is your first pregnancy?

This depends on how you are built to begin with but most women start to show in the second trimester. How much they show differs.

When do you show when your pregnant?

You can show during your second month of pregnancy. Some women don't start showing until their fourth month of pregnancy. It depends on your weight before you were pregnant when you will show.

How is your stomach supposed to look when you are a week pregnant?

at just one week into pregnancy your stomach will look pretty much the same as it does pre-pregnancy. it varieties from woman to woman but a bump usually starts to show from 2 to 4 months