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Q: When each child lives with a parent and the mother is custodian and has no income is the father responsible to pay support for the child who lives with the mom?
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Does stepmother income count toward stepchilds child support in Iowa?

No. The child support will be based on the father's income and his ability to pay.No. The child support will be based on the father's income and his ability to pay.No. The child support will be based on the father's income and his ability to pay.No. The child support will be based on the father's income and his ability to pay.

If a noncustodial father pay child support for a child from a previous marriage and he loses his income is the new spouse responsible for back child support?

no see links

Does the father have to pay child support if the mother gets medical coupons for the child?

The father is responsible for paying at least the state mandated minimum in support regardless of what type of income or assistance the mother has. That is considered her portion of support, child support is yours.

How do you Find income of father for child support?

The State can require the father to verify income and/or subpoena that information if necessary.

When you ask for child support and the father is married do they combin the both of there income?

No, only the biological father will be assessed child support.

Do you still have to pay support for a minor child that is pregnant if the father of the unborn child begins paying support?

Yes. Until and unless the child is emancipated, you are still responsible regardless of other income. The support from your daughter's boyfriend is probably for your grandchild.

Can a new spouse income be considered for child support dues in OH?

A person is not responsible for their spouse's child support, so no, the court doesn't consider their income in setting child support.

Is a father responsible for the ex's daycare bill?

If the daycare is for the father's child, yes, at least half of the daycare depending on father's income versus ex's income. If the daycare is for the ex's child by another father, no.

Are there instances when the court does not reduce support even though the father's income has been reduced?

Yes, if, e.g., the court determines that the father has reduced his income for the purpose of avoiding support or the reduction is not "substantial" or "significant."

If the mother has no income can the father get custody?

Having no income is not a reason for making a change in custody. The father should be paying child support so the mother has some income coming into the home.

What is the formula used to calculate child support in the state of Illinois?

All states use a child support income guideline worksheet. It totals up the income of each parent, the costs of the non-custodial parent to pay for child care, health, vision, dental insurance, etc. The income is then divided into the total monthly costs which gives you a percentage, i.e. my child support guideline calculations show that I am responsible for 27% of my kids expenses, his father is responsible for 73% of his expenses. Then there is a chart that estimates the monthly costs of raising a child and your child support is calculated on the percentage you are responsible for. See the related link.

Can an illegitimate child ask for financial support to biological father even if the father doesnt have enough income?

Yes, the amount is based on income of both parents.

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