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Generally, eating six meals a day instead of just three ensures that your blood sugar does NOT drop between meals. I'm wondering what your symptoms are when you say it "feels" like your blood sugar is dropping. If you went from eating junk food to eating healthy six meals, you could be going through temporary food withdrawal. Your body may be ajusting to less sugar, caffeine, etc. in the form of dizziness, headaches, etc. I'm not sure if you're on a new diet, etc. but eating protein and carbs together maintains blood sugar (the carbs maintain the blood sugar and the protein digests slower so it maintains the level of carbs and sugar for a longer period of time -- so crackers and cheese will maintain your blood sugar levels longer than just crackers alone).

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Q: When eating six meals a day does it take a while for your body to adjust and is it normal to feel like your blood sugar drops even quicker between meals?
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