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What state? Of course. Medical payments are pretty standard plus it depends on who was At Fault. If it was the other driver the surviving spouse could be in for quite a bit.

2005-04-27 22:57:54
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Does insurance pay the whole injury cost if it is beyond their coverage?

no why would they its beyond their coverage

If you were married for 13 years and divorce your husband and he remarries is the first wife entitled to anything?

Nothing beyond what was covered tin the degree

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Can a Daughter get life insurance for her 95 year old mother?

No insurance company in the world will provide life coverage for your 95 year old mom. Since mortality rate at this age is beyond the purview of life insurance, she will not be entitled to get fresh life policy in her name.

Can health insurance cover the balance of the claim of the car accident?

Yes, your Health insurance can provide coverage for injuries received in an auto accident beyond what may have already been covered through an automobile insurance policy. Your health insurance however is specific to you and the covered persons under your policy. It will not pay for property damage or liabilities for injuries to others.

What must be added when a network expands beyond the coverage area of the current telecommunications room?


How long does a vessel operator involved in an accident have to file a boating accident report if a person is injured and requires medical treatment beyond first aid?

48 hoursThe vessel operator has 48 hours to file a boating accident report when an injured person requires medical attention beyond first aid.

How can I deal with my dead sister's husband remarrying again?

Please remember that the traditional wedding vow does specify that the marriage will last, "until death do us part". Marriage is not intended to last even beyond the grave. A widower is entitled to remarry. It does not constitute infidelity to the deceased wife.

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How long does a vessel operator involved in an accident have to file a boating accident report if a person was injured enough to require medical attention beyond simple first aid?

48 hours

Can you carry primary insurance after you retire and go on medicare?

In general, yes. Medicare can be secondary insurance for a person otherwise entitled to it who continues to work beyond the age of 65 and participates in a health insurance plan offered by or sponsored by the employer. Additionally Medicare can be a secondary payer for disabled people who have their own coverage through their own employer's large group health plan (usually 100 or more employees), or large group health coverage that they have through a family member.

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A Consumer's Guide to Understanding Missouri's Auto Insurance Requirements?

Missouri's auto insurance laws require drivers to carry a certain amount of causality liability and bodily injury coverage. This coverage must include bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage. Missouri's auto insurance laws also allow auto insurance providers to offer drivers other types of auto insurance coverage that provide a variety of benefits to drivers that go beyond the basic coverage limits.Here is a quick consumer's guide that can help residents understand Missouri's auto insurance requirements. Let's start off by examining Missouri's bodily injury coverage.Drivers in Missouri must purchase a certain amount of bodily injury coverage.For example, drivers in Missouri must purchase at least $50,000 of accident liability coverage. At least $25,000 of this coverage must be set aside for injuries sustained by one person who is injured in an auto accident.Moreover, drivers in Missouri must purchase at least $50,000 of supplementary bodily injury coverage that covers the risks of sharing the road with uninsured drivers. At least $25,000 of this coverage must also be set aside for injuries sustained by one person who is injured in an auto accident.Missouri drivers must also purchase property damage liability coverage.This coverage must include at least $10,000 of coverage that covers replacement costs for property that is damaged in an auto accident. This provision was included to address concerns drivers had about the inability of drivers to recover adequate damages for property that was damaged in auto accidents.Auto insurance underwriters in Missouri also offer optional auto insurance policies.For example, auto insurance underwriters provide optional collision casualty coverage that pays for vehicle damages sustained in auto collisions. These policies are usually offered as a supplement to bodily injury coverage to provide drivers in Missouri coverage that fills in gaps in property damage liability coverage.Moreover, auto insurance underwriters also provide optional comprehensive policies that pay for lost wages, medical expenses and theft. This coverage is usually offered in conjunction with required liability coverage plans to cover gaps in bodily injury coverage.As you can see, Missouri's auto insurance requirements are straightforward.However, the Missouri Department of Revenue has further details that can help drivers find further information that can help them choose an auto insurance policy wisely. As a result, be sure to log on to the Missouri Department of Revenue's website located at for more details.

Can someone without renters insurance sue for contents damage?

Generally speaking, anyone can sue anyone at any time for any reason. The question is are you entitled to compensation if your contents are damaged in your apartment. The answer to that question is how the damage occurred, and why. For instance, if your landlord was negligent in causing the damage, you may be entitled under the landlord's insurance policy. However, if the loss occurred for a reason that was beyond their control, you are probably not going to be compensated. The best recommendation is to have a policy of your own. The cost is reasonable and the coverage extends to your contents, additional living expenses and liability.

Does a commercial general liability policy also provide excess vehicular liability coverage beyond the coverage in the driver's separate mva policy?

No. A commercial liability policy specifically excludes liability arising out of the ownership, maintenance or use of a motor vehicle.

A recordable accident is?

A recordable accident must result in death, absences from an employer, transfer of job, job restrictions, medical treatment beyond first aid, or the loss of consciousness. An accident also meets this requirement if it does not result in the aforementioned but involves a significant injury or illness documented by a doctor or healthcare professional.

What are a few of the benefits of the Fidelity home warranty?

Fidelity home warranties go beyond the coverage of traditional home insurance policies. For example, Fidelity warranties add a year of coverage to major appliances. There are a number of other benefits which can be found on the official Fidelity site.

Is collision car insurance for California residents mandated by law?

In California, you basically have three minimum requirements for auto insurance. You need coverage for injury or death to a single person, multiple people, and damage to property. The minimum requirements are very low, $5,000 for property damage, for instance. So, please note that these minimums may not fully cover you if you do have an accident and you may be forced to pay anything above and beyond what you were covered for. So, for this reason you may consider upping your coverage to protect yourself.

What is covered under most full coverage car insurance policies?

The term "Full Coverage" can mean many different things to different people. Typically though it means that you have Liability Bodily Injury, Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury, Collision, and Other Than Collision coverage. In states where Personal Injury Protection is mandatory then you would have that too. Beyond that I would not assume that a person has any additional coverage under a "Full Coverage" policy. This includes towing, rental car reimbursement, or medical payments coverage. In addition to that there are exclusions involved with all of the above mentioned coverage's. Be very carefull in making assumptions about what full coverage means.

What does it mean if your husband who passed away give you a ring?

If the question refers to a dream, it represents the love that continues beyond the separation of death.

Are there any special types of car insurance in Georgia?

State minimum coverage is just that: the absolute minimum you can get away with for a car that is not financed and has a clear title. There are additional levels of coverage, including full covering that would take care of damage to the vehicle or replacement, medical expenses and damage to other vehicles/property. You can extend the level of coverage to make sure you're well covered, too. In the event of an accident, the injured party will go after your insurance, but if that is not sufficient, they can come after you personally as well. In order to insure the security of your home and other assets, it's a good idea to carry sufficient coverage beyond what is required. Online you will find quotes for the state minimum. Your best bet is to contact an agent to discuss all the options.

What is a Personal Umbrella Policy and why would you want one?

A Personal Umbrella Policy is a low-cost insurance policy that provides excess liability coverage above and beyond the limits of the liability coverage on your personal auto and homeowners policies. This additional coverage pays after you have exhausted your primary coverage if you are sued for damages suffered by someone as a result of an accident - especially an unexpected catastrophic accident - involving your car, property, or recreational activities. You're particularly exposed to the risk of an incident resulting in litigation if you have a swimming pool, have a student driver in the family, engage is high risk activities (jet skiing, snowboarding, snow skiing, horseback riding, boating etc.). Even the game of golf results in major lawsuits every year when someone is hit by an errant ball. As you accumulate assets (think home equity), you become a bigger target for lawsuits. If you lose a lawsuit and don't have enough liability insurance, your assets could be taken to satisfy the judgment. In addition, your assets probably include savings and investments. Even your future earnings can be garnished to satisfy a judgment against you. You can add Personal Umbrella coverage to take over where your auto and homeowners coverage ends. Annual premiums start as low as $200 a year for additional coverage of $1 million. Plans are available for coverage up to $10 million.

Why might a medical assistant purchase a professional liability insurance policy separate from the employer's policy?

In order to provide themselves with additional (supplemental) coverage in case the employers insurance policy is insufficient. When the assistant wants an additional layer of coverage beyond the limits provided by the employers policy.

Can you get life insurance 25 years after suicide attempt?

Yes, you should be able to obtain insurance. Most policies exclude coverage for suicide in the first two years of the policy, and in this case a company may exclude coverage beyond that two year term, since there was a previous attempt.

What is covered in renters insurance?

Renters insurance primarily consists of property coverage and liability coverage for the named insured. Coverage is available for the renters personal belongings in the home ( usually clothing, appliances and home furnishings). Scheduled valuables can also be added to the policy. Coverage can be for both theft and extended coverage such as weather related and structural induced losses. Coverage is also available for the tenants liability in the event they or a guest damage the property to some degree beyond what is considered normal and expected wear and tear during the course of the lease. Liability coverage is available to protect both the tenant and the landlord from certain types of injury claims such as slip and fall while on the rented premises.