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When engine is cold car gives check engine?


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It could Neva number of things depending on the type of car and engine. The year is also an important factor.


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Check engine oil when you have just finished driving. Check Transmission fluid when the car is running and the transmission in in N (manual) or P (automatic).

Normally your dipstick has a hot and cold mark on it. If not check it hot, always check it with the engine running on an even surface.

With engine cold (prior to first starting in the morning) and parked on level ground - remove dipstick and check oil level as shown

Makes no difference if the engine is warm or cold. Just make sure the engine has not been run for at least 30 minutes before checking the oil level. This way you will get a very accurate reading. I normally check my oil level after the car has sat overnight.

A car heater taps off engine heat. If you aren't driving, then the engine is cold and there's no heat for the car heater to use.

Yes you can. But you will want to check you're engine soon.

The check engine light can be reset two ways. 1) If the problem resolves itself, the check engine light will reset itself after a certain amount of cold starts of the car on the on board computer system. 2) You need an OBD reader that has the reset check engine light capability.

The gas and the motor or engine.

The 3.0L on your car engine gives you an idea that the engine of your car can suck up a total of 3.0L mixture of air and fuel then burns it out as a power of your engine to move your car.

It really depends on what the cause of the check engine light is.

check heater core could be cloggedCheck the engine coolant level also.*no, the heater relies on the engine for heat and when you drive the engine warms generating heat:)*

A cold wind should have no effect on the car engine.

Yes the reason for that is because the engine is over heated and when its cold the engine is nice and cold perfect for starting conditions.

Check to coolant level in the coolant recovery tank and radiator when engine is cold

i think the reason might be your cooling system, check the basics. the basic would be to see if there is low coolant in your engine when it is cold and in the radiator. If that is fine then check the thermostat located in your cars engine. It might be open and not checking your cars temperature right or might need to get replaced.

If it starts good when the engine is cold but starts hard when engine is warm and hesitates, check or change the water temp sending unit. Hope this helps.

Yes on most 1996 and later vehicles, the computer will set a code if the engine is running at too cold a temp.

When the engine is cold or when it is misfiring.

pontiac g6 check engine light car with wrench

you can take the car as sample before the car key has turn on, the engine is not running, you go to check the brake, windshield, tie, enigne, eletrical installed well or not and the defect of component, this procedure is cold commisonning after you turn on, the engine is running, then you check again to detect the flaw. this is hot-commissioning you will always like to know the engine is installed well before you run it and make sure it run well the drive the car.

fuel system check engine light on was diagnose as being the fuel sensor now car cuts off while driving What would be the problems? You think maybe the fuel sensor could be bad? It's nice when the check engine light gives you the answer

cold. If you open the radiator when the car is hot, it can spray all over the place.

You check engine light is signaling to you that there is something wrong with you car. You should have your car looked at by a professional.

It is safe to drive you car for at least one mile after the check engine light comes on.

if car is blowing cold air, you need to check the thermostat,the heater core, and the heat control. the coolant will not blow cold air unless there is no coolant at all in engine,then you have bigger problem anyway

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