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That's one way to do it. Another would be "What the speaker meant was..." or "By this he/she/they meant..." There are other options.

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Q: When explaining a quote should you begin your sentence with In other words?
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Can you begin a sentence with however?

Yes. There is no word or phrase that cannot begin an English sentence. For example: "However you slice it, this was a victory for our side." But when however means "all that other stuff notwithstanding," and is followed by a comma, good stylists do not begin a sentence with it.

Should any factors be accounted for when explaining how to solve an equation?

Should any other factors be accounted for when solving an equation

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Either way of organizing is correct, so long as you then proceed to the other end to explain the topic sentence.

Why isn't the word because used at the beginning of a sentence?

Because it just dosent ---There is no reason not to begin a sentence with because or any other word.

What is the article in the sentence This is the right time to begin the work?

The word THE is an article, the definite article. (Other articles are A and AN).

Do you capitalize the words starvation in a sentence?

Yes, the word "starvation" should be capitalized at the beginning of a sentence like any other word.

A sentence using commence?

Commence means to begin or start. The film will commence as soon as the previews and trailers for other movies are finished.

A sentence with other?

I couldn't distinguish one twin from the other. Perhaps you have some other question? You should be in the other line.

What should a sentence always have in it?

A subject, predicate, period, and other punctuation marks.

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To write a sentence in an active voice, the subject performs the action. In other words, it should be such that the subject of the sentence acts on the object.

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