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Male goat is a Billy.
Female goat is a Nanny.
Young goat is a Kid.

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Birth goats called?

The birth process of goats is called 'kidding'. (no kidding)

Can goats give birth for two days?

no because it will kill them

How long do it take for goats to give birth?

145-150days; 5months. Some goats give birth a day or two later, but earlier results in Preemies (which may, or may not make it).

Does a goat lay eggs or give birth directly?

Goats are mammals and give birth directly. Most mammals don't lay eggs. However, there are three species of wild goats that do lay eggs.

What month do goats give birth?

Any month five months after they were joined.

When two baby goats are trying to come out at the same time what is it called?

When 2 baby goats called kids, are trying to be born at the same time it is called a breach birth.

What is it called when swine give birth?

When swine give birth it is called farrowing.

How long do milking goats live?

Well, basically all goats are milking goats. Therefor, I shall give you the lifspan of an average goat. Lifespan: 10-12 years, may live as long as 30 years Productive life of a dairy or fiber goat: 7 years Most goats need to give birth before they are able to be milked. However, though it's uncommen and VERY rare, I think it may be possible that some small population of goats may not have to give birth to give milk.

What is the what is giving birth to a lamb called?

Yean refers to the birthing of sheep and goats. Yean means to bear young, used of sheep and goats. It is also called lambing.

What is a male billygoat called?

Male goats are called billy goats. Female goats are called nanny goats.

What are lady goats called?

lady goats are called nanny goats

What wild goats lay eggs?

None; they are mammals, which means they give birth to live young.

Why are goats called Billy goats?

only non castrated male goats are called Billy Goats

How many lambs do goats have in each litter?

None.Lambs are the offspring of sheep.Goats offspring are known as kidsMost sheep and goats give birth to just a single offspring.Twins do occur at times though.

What is other gender of goat?

Entire male goats are called bucks. Castrated male goats are called wethers. Female goats are called does. Young goats are called kids.

Is a goat a male?

Goats can be male or female. Female goats are called does. Entire male goats are called bucks. Castrated male goats are called wethers.

Group of goats is called a?

A group of goats is called a herd.

What are animals that give birth called?

All animals give birth. Animals that give live births, like human, are called mammals.

What is a fish giving birth called?

When fish give birth it is called livebearing.

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