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First things first, you should get a family attorney who cares about your situation and is honest with you. You need to ask what your chances are of getting custody of the kids (if you want them). Second, you need to expect that you will pay child support and alimony which will eat up much of what you earn. Divorces can be ugly if both parents are fighting. It would be best for the children if the family didn't split up at all, but if divorce is inevitable, then make it a clean break. Fighting will hurt the children more than either you or your wife. Treat her well and stay on civil (even friendly) terms. Remember, you married her so you loved her once. She is also the mother of your children so being good to her means a better life for your kids (plus she is less likely to alienate them from you).

2006-08-09 15:18:14
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Reasons to Hire Divorce Attorneys?

Going through a divorce is one of the most emotionally stressful things that a person could ever go through. While the emotional pain and frustration is significant, the amount of legal issues that a couple has to go through can be just a frustrating. Due to the significant amount of legal issues that have to be dealt with, which could range from potential alimony, child support, or separation of assets, it is very important that a person hires a divorce attorney when going through a divorce. The first way that a divorce attorney could help someone going through the divorce process is that the attorney could help consult a person on what to expect during the divorce process. The attorney will sit with a person and explain everything that will be discussed in the divorce process. This will include reasons for separation, how assets will be split, whether or not someone will have to pay alimony or child support, and how custody of any children will take place. The second way that a divorce attorney could help someone going through the divorce process is that the attorney will help defend their client during any negotiation or legal proceedings. When going through a divorce, both parties will request what they believe they are entitled too. Since divorces are typically an emotional event, it could lead to some unfair requests. To ensure that their client receives what they are owed through the divorce, the attorney will negotiate the other party's attorney and defend them in court. The third way that a divorce attorney could help someone going through the divorce process is that the attorney could appeal any judgment made. In most situations, it would be best for all cases to be handled out of court. However, there are several situations when the divorce will need to go through a more formal legal proceeding. If you had to go through a more formal legal proceeding, and did not receive a favorable ruling, the attorney could help you out by appealing the decision. This could include negotiating down how much alimony needs to be spent or increasing the amount of visitation that you will receive.

What should you expect if your wife is filing for divorce in Florida and you have two children?

You should expect your wife to have her own lawyer.

Is it a conflict of interest that your divorce attorney is good friends and speaks daily with a woman your husband would like to marrY?

Absoultely! If your soon-to-be ex husband is in a relationship with this woman it is a serious conflict. How can you expect to get fair and unbiased legal representation? Find another attorney, file against this attorney for conflict of interest and get on with the divorce!

What can two people expect when considering divorce?

First of all don't expect to win your divorce case. Secondly, think twice before you make your decision. Don't make important decisions without thinking them through. Lastly, think about your kids.

If I am injured on someone's property what can I expect from the home owners insurance?

Expect nothing, get an attorney...

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How long should you expect to be in court for a divorce?

Maybe an afternoon.

Will a mother lose custody of children in divorce court if it is proven she gave benadryl to her kids when she had her lover over for a Fling?

Do not expect this to be the deciding factor. Far more evidence is needed.

What to expect as a grand jury witness?

A grand jury witness can expect to answer questions from the prosecutor and defense attorney. They may also have to answer questions from the judge.

What can you expect in a divorce trial?

Divorce trials are typically very nasty and acrimonious; they feature numerous accusations of misbehavior, blame for the failure of the marriage, financial demands, and bitter disagreement about the custody of the children (if any). Lies and distortions would be quite common. Divorce trials may represent the very pinnacle of human hatred. Suicide bombers have nothing on divorcing couples.

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Based on the punnet square what percent of children would you expect to be male

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Where can i get my divorce cert?

Call or write to the County Clerk's office in the county where you got divorced. Expect that there will be a research fee and a per-page fee to get a copy of your divorce decree.

Is the noncustodial parent required to have beds for the children when they sleep over?

Yes, where else do you expect your children to sleep? I had to have a bed for my child although he/she was living with the other parent so I bet your husband/wife will expect the same from you. You wouldn't expect your children to sleep with you or on the sofa would you? I certainly wouldn't with mine. I'd expect a bed from him/her to sleep in.

Is it worth contesting a divorce in Florida?

It depends on the circumstances. In an uncontested divorce, both parties agree to get divorced, and agree to how their property and debts will be divided. If you are in agreement with your spouse about how you would like to handle things, uncontested is fine. If you disagree with how your spouse would like to divide things, you should contest. It is a good idea to meet with a lawyer and discuss what assets and debts you have, as well as whether you have any children, and get an idea of what you could expect to end up with after a contested divorce. If there is a big difference between what is being offered and what you could end up with, it may be wise to hire a good attorney and contest. However, if you are in agreement, or don't have much to fight over (no children, no house, no large debts, etc) it may be better to just accept the offer and move on.

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Can a lawyer make a settlement in a divorce case without the client knowing the facts? is not really a great place for answers to legal questions, because you have no way of knowing if the answerer is:an attorney who is familiar with the specific law you're asking about in your areaan attorney who is familiar with that type of law generally, but not in your areaan attorney who specializes in an entirely different kind of lawa knowledgeable person who is not an attorneya jerk who thinks what they see on TV is how the law really worksa bored third-graderEven assuming the best case, many legal matters hang on tiny details you can't provide within the character limit of questions here.I recommend you consult a local attorney about this.(I am not an attorney, but I'd be kind of surprised if lawyers in divorce cases have the right to "make a settlement" without their client explicitly consenting to it; the most I'd expect they'd be able to do is say "I think we may have a deal here; I'll take it to my client and get back to you.")

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How do you hide money during divorce What are marital assets in divorce Utah?

And why can't my attorney find the money she stole? It is my spouse that is hiding the money, actually. I just want to know her motives and how she did it? Do not do that, to intentionally make a false statement to a court is a crime. At the moment your only problem is a messy divorce, do not add to it. Your fellow citizens have passed laws sating how the property accrued in a marriage is to be divided up in a divorce, this may be painful but it is fair. When you married the other person you said "with all my worldly goods I thee endow" - you can not expect to walk away from that promise. You marital assets are all the property, stocks and shares, pensions and money etc that BOTH of you have to your name minus all of both of your debts. You are each entitled to 1/2 but you must also sort out how any children are to be raised of there are any.

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