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When has the House of Representatives decided the presidential election?


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Such has happened twice -- after the 1800 election and and again in 1824 ele.

Thomas Jefferson and John Quincy Adams were elected by the House.

The first time was rather a fluke - running mates Jefferson and Burr received the same number of votes because of the way things were originally set up . There was a vote for president and the second place finisher was made the vice-president. Everybody knew Jefferson was running for president and Burr for vice-president, but Burr saw his chance and forced the House to decide. They changed the Constitution to keep this from happening again.

In 1824, the election went to the House because none of the four candidates won a majority of electoral votes.

In 1876, a special situation occurred . The credentials of several of the electors were in dispute due mostly to conditions in the South after the Civil War. Both houses of Congress resolved the dispute and in effect decided the election.