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When hurricanes occur?

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they usually occur in summer

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Where in the water do hurricanes occur?

Hurricanes occur over warm ocean water in or near the tropics.

Do more hurricanes occur dureing August or February?

Hurricanes most often occur in August.

Where do hurricanes normally occur?

Hurricanes normally occur in a low pressured area. they form there and then strengthen as they pass by.

Do hurricanes occur at the equator?

No, Hurricanes occur in the tropics, but at the equator there is not enough Coriolis force to start them turning.

Where do hurricanes mostly occur on land?

Hurricanes do not occur on land. They are only water storms and blow into land.

What continent has no tornadoes and hurricanes?

Tornadoes and hurricanes do not occur in Antarctica.

Do hurricanes occur in Alabama?

they can

Do hurricanes occur in afica?


How often do hurricanes occur in Italy?

Italy does not have hurricanes. Hurricanes form over tropical waters.

How many hurricanes typically occur during June?

A range of 1-2 hurricanes typically occur in June.

Do hurricanes occur in the bahama's?

Yes, Hurricanes are fairly common in the Bahamas.

What countries do hurricanes occur?

Hurricanes form over water not countries

Does Africa have the most hurricanes?

NO most hurricanes occur in the carribian area

Does hurricanes occur due to environmental pollution?

Hurricanes occur because of the wind current and speed of the wind, the hotter the area is the worse the hurricane becomes. So no hurricanes don't occur because of environmental pollution.

During what season do tornadoes and hurricanes occur?

Tornadoes usually occur in spring and early summer while hurricanes usually occur in summer and early fall. However, tornadoes can occur at any time of year, and out of season hurricanes have occurred as well.

Where do hurricanes most frequently occur?

Hurricanes most likely occur near the equator where there are tempatures about 80 degrees in oceans.

Are there hurricanes tornadoes in Nevada?

Tornadoes can occur in Nevada, though they are rare. Hurricanes do not occur in Nevada as it is too far inland.

What month of the year do hurricanes occur?

Hurricanes have been recorded in all months, but most occur during July-November.

What is does the climate have to be for a hurricane to occur?

Hurricanes occur in tropical climates.

When do hurricanes occur most often state to state?

i think in the late months are when hurricanes occur most if the time because right now there are hurricanes and it is august and ur a noob

How often do hurricanes occur?

Hurricanes can occur at any time and there is no way to predict them. Hurricanes start off as tropical storms, building up pressure, become forceful and dangerous.

Do hurricanes normally occur during a specific time of year?

Yes. Hurricanes usually occur in the summer and early fall. the Atlantic hurricanes season tends to peak in August.

Do hurricanes occur in america?

Yes, the U.S. has been hit by a number of hurricanes.

Can hurricanes be caused by the hydrosphere?

Yes, in fact, hurricanes cannot occur without it.

Do hurricanes occur more near certain oceans?

Hurricanes originate in the Caribbean.

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