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Thisis a personal prefrance, We do not have a set limit, As long as the shower door opens and closes with no restrictions and water does not spray out, Hope this helps

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I insulated the ceiling between an upstairs apartment and it didn't seem to stop any sound from traveling through. Am I better off installing a new framed out ceiling an inch or so lower than the existing ceiling or are there more effective methods?

Installing a new framed out ceiling would probably work best but its hard to say without seeing your set up.

When installing plasma ceiling mounts, are there certain do's and don'ts?

The certain do's and don't of installing a plasma ceiling mount is don't leave your electricity on! Turn off the fuse box immediately, to ensure that you are being safe. A do to installing plasma ceiling mounts is be creative and pick the most stylish ones!

What are the release dates for Ask This Old House - 2002 Installing a Ceiling Fan Installing a Water Softener 11-12?

Ask This Old House - 2002 Installing a Ceiling Fan Installing a Water Softener 11-12 was released on: USA: 22 December 2012

Can I install an audio speaker on my ceiling?

You can do this easily if you buy ceiling speakers. These are often ceiling or wall speakers. You should take care to avoid electrical wiring while installing.

Can lightning strike hit in the bath tub of your home?

No, unless you have no ceiling or a hole right above your bathtub.

Ceiling Contractor?

form_title=Ceiling Contractor form_header=Love the way your home looks above your head! Get a new ceiling installed by a professional. Would you like to install an acoustic ceiling?= () Yes () No () Unsure Are you interested in installing popcorn ceiling structure?= () Yes () No () Unsure Are you looking to remodel your ceiling?= () Yes () No () Unsure Do you need repairs to your ceiling?= () Yes () No () Unsure

Where does the red wire go when installing a ceiling fan?

the instruction sheet says hot wire

What song is played in American Beauty when Lester see's Angela on the ceiling?

In the fantasy sequences, such as when Angela is in the bathtub and on the ceiling surrounded by rose petals, the accompanying music is provided by Thomas Newman's score.

What is difference between false ceiling and fall ceiling?

The correct term is false ceiling. Fall ceiling isn't correct.

If If you have duct work hanging from my ceiling what the best way to cover it up?

Paint it, lower the ceiling to cover it, build a 3 sided wooden beam or sheet rock enclosure around it. Use your imagination or that of a contractor.

What do you charge for installing a ceiling fan with no attic access?

give more details like the area etc

Does a slow drain in bathtub have anything to do with overflow to cause ceiling damage?

NO -- you will have to open up wall behind tub to see where it is leaking from.

When framing in a drop ceiling should you open up the old ceiling before closing in the new?

It would give you future access to electrical, air ducts, and ease of installing insulation. Unless you're using a grid type drop ceiling, which is made to be suspended from the old ceiling.

What is the function of recessed light fixture?

Recessed lighting is used to keep the ceiling aesthetically unbroken. When fixtures are fixed to the ceiling some architects to not like this as it distracts the viewer from the look of the room. By installing the fixtures in the ceiling, the view is of light emitting from the ceiling without seeing the lighting fixtures.

Can an amateur install a ceiling fan or should they leave it to the professionals?

As I'm home remodeling, I've considered installing a ceiling fan. Is this something an amateur can do, or should it be left to somebody with wiring experience?

Which safety precaution should an installer take when installing cable in the ceiling of a building?

Wear thick gloves to minimize damage to the cable.Wear a shirt with short sleeves to avoid getting stuck in the cable supports when installing.Wear lightweight shoes when installing cable runs inside the ceiling.Wear safety glasses in case of encountering toxic materials during the installation.I don't know :)

Are there any dangerous risks to installing an outdoor ceiling fan?

The biggest risk in installing outdoor ceiling fans is that of electrical shock, if it is not installed properly or is not for use in an outdoor area. Rain and snow could cause electrical shock and may even cause a fire if not properly installed or used correctly.

What is sheetrock hanging and finishing?

Installing drywall on the walls and ceiling, then taping the joints and finishing it so that you have a smooth level surface.

When installing cabling within the drop ceiling of a building what is an important factor that must be taken into consideration?

That the cable trays are sufficient.

Choosing Effective Ceiling Lighting?

When it comes to choosing effective ceiling lighting, there are a variety of different options on the market to take into consideration. Perhaps one of the best choices one can make is installing recessed ceiling lighting. Recessed ceiling lighting shields excessively bright rays from emitting from bulbs, while still allowing for plenty of light to shine down and illuminate the space. Best of all, installing recessed lighting is typically inexpensive, although it is wise to employ the help of a contractor.

How do you installing a ceiling fan on 14 foot ceilings?

Get yourself a 12 foot stepladder and read the instructions it's quite simple.

What is the difference between a ceiling fan and a table fan?

One hangs from the ceiling, the other sits on the table.

What is the difference between a roof and a ceiling?

because u don't know how to be in the bed together you be on the roof and your mum on the ceiling

What is a coombe ceiling?

A coombe ceiling is one that slopes at an angle between a vertical room wall and the horizontal ceiling above. Usually found in attics, top floors or penthouses.

What is the difference between ceiling fan and a table fan?

One is on the ceiling and the other is on the tabke (or whrre ever you decide to put it.

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