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Q: When is David guppy's birthday?
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Do Molly Fish have guppys?


Will pHRANAS eat guppys?


Do guppys die when they lay their eggs?

Guppys are special fishes that DO NOT lay eggs. They give birth to young.

How long are guppys pregnant for?

Most guppys are pregnant for 4 weeks between 28-31 days

When is David Tennent's birthday?

David Tennants birthday is on the 18th of April !

When is David villa birthday?

David Villa's birthday is December 3,1981.

When is David cleavland birthday?

does any body no when david cleavland birthday is? ;)

What is the duration of David's Birthday?

The duration of David's Birthday is 1.77 hours.

Are females guppy smaller?

No. If you exclude the length of the tail (caudal) fin in some male guppys, under normal circumstances, female guppys grow to around double the size of male guppys

When is David Pelzers birthday?

David Pelzers' Birthday is=December 29, 1960=

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David's birthday is June 6th

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David's Birthday was created on 2010-05-28.

Do male and female guppys fight?


What species is guppys?

Poecilia reticulata

How do guppys reproduce?

young alive

What for color have guppys?

mainly red.

Can bettas an guppys breed togather?


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David Archuleta's birthday is December 28. He was born in 1990.

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David's birthday is December 28 and he was born in 1990.

When David archuleta birthday?

David Archuleta's birthday is December 28th. He was born in 1990.

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David shares a birthday with this girl named Kali

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David Pavluks birthday from The Downtown fiction is April 10

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His birthday is December 28.

Do guppys dig down in gravel?