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He isn't coming back he is in TNA

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Q: When is Elijah Burke coming back to WWE?
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Is Elijah Burke from WWE also the wrestler the pope from tna?

yes...elijah burke from wwe is the wrestler from the pope from TNA.

Is WWE superstar Elijah Burke related to Alexandra Burke?


Will Elijah Burke ever come back to the WWE?

only if his dirtyass sisters joh on him again.

Will Elijah Burke return to ECW?

because it didn't go right for him in the wwe,but im shure he will come back

Has Elijah Burke left WWE?

yes he left wwe for TNA because wwe didn't give him pushes to championships that's why he's on TNA

Is scotty too hotty coming back to WWE?

No he is not coming back to WWE

Is Candice Michelle coming back to the WWE?

i do not know when she is coming back to the wwe

Who from WWE has gone to tna?

Kurt angle Booker T and Tazz hulk hogan Scott steiner Victoria Elijah Burke

Is trish status coming back to WWE?

yes she is contemplating coming back to wwe

Is Mick Foley coming back to the WWE?

yes mick foley is coming back to wwe . he is coming back on 11-14-11 :)

Is dx coming back to the WWE?

no dx is not coming back because Shawn michells is retired from wwe

When is the WWE's boogieman coming back?

He's not coming back