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Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever (100% Official) by Justin Bieber was released on October 12, 2010.

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Justin Bieber's debut album, My World, has been released. My World 2.0, which will include Baby ft. Ludacrisand Never Let You Go, is due to be released March 2010.

avalanna routh but she died due to her condition on september 26 2012 :'( miss her and so does justin

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A strand of Justin Biebers hair could possibly be alot, due to the fact that he is a well known artist. Millions of girls drool over him so Im guessing it could be around $100 but I don't think a strand should be that much anyways. The price is only high because everyone loves him, well atleast majority of the world, so yeah. Hope this helped you. :)

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nopeYes - Justin has already penned an autobiography due in March 2010. It is apparently not ghost written and will contain information about his homosexuality. A big announcement is expected to be made right before the Grammy Awards.

Justin Bieber is due to give a concert in Israel on April 14, 2011, in Tel Aviv's Hayarkon Park.

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no, they broke up due to Justin traveling, and doing concerts, etc.

Justin Bieber did cancel his trip to Reno due to broken foot.

Due to the fact that Justin Bieber is in a relationship with a woman, the possibility that he is a homosexual in small. But it is still there.

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