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It will be out early next year.


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no Michael Jackson brang 72 live concerts dvds.

No, but you can find the DVD in stores.

Yes, it will be released early next year.

No, but you can watch some clips on youtube.

At YouTube, there are tons of great videos of Michael Jackson dancing. Just google 'Michael Jackson dancing' and some great results will come up. There are also some Michael Jackson DVD's, you can buy them at your local DVD shop, or online.

All over the interwebz, also on DVD.

The only time he performed it was during the This Is It rehearsals.

No Michael Jackson DVDs were released during his lifetime. However, posthumously a variety of DVDs with his music videos and other features on his life were released. One such example is "This Is It".

The Michael Jackson movie " this is it " It will be most likely be coming out in Late December or Early Januarary

yes and it shows all of his latest videos and songs

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