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Randy Orton will be coming to Montreal and might be sighning Autographs and give a announcment

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When is Randy Orton coming to Vancouver for a autograph signing?


When is Randy Orton coming to Vancouver for an autograph signing?

august 6th, 2009

Is Randy Orton going to get What is coming to him?

of course he is

How much does kyle orton get paid?

Kyle Orton is a restricted free agent for the 2010 season and will be signing a new contract. In 2009, his salary was reported at $995,000.

Who won the royal rumble in 2009?

The Viper Randy OrtonRandy Orton coming in at number 8.

When is Randy Orton coming back to the WWE?

July 22

When is Randy Orton coming back after him and Samantha hada baby girl?

The baby was born in July 2008 Orton has been back awhile now.

Is randy coming to New Orleans?

Actually randy orton is coming to new orleans he will be there in a match against hulk hogan

Why is Randy Orton not coming out on WWE raw and smackdown?

Because he is suspended for 60 days

Who are randy ortons cousins?

Scott-Danylson Orton Clarence Omarion Orton Cody Orton Matthew Orton Charlie Orton Fass Orton Damon Orton

Barry Orton do you have picture?

ramdy orton and barry orton his father

Who is better miz or Randy Orton?

Depends on what youre looking for wether its on the mic skills or in the ring. In the ring it would have to be randy orton, but on the mic it is the miz. I think overall randy is better but the miz is an up and coming superstar.

Is Randy Orton ever coming back to WWE?

He's returning from back injury (herniated discs) this week on SmackDown!

What is the relation between Randy Orton and Tiffany Orton?

There is no relationship between Randy Orton and Tiffany Orton, he has never ever heard of Tiffany Orton. He is married to Samantha.

What is Randy Ortan's address?

This doesn't deserve an answer. Presuming you love Orton, you may get an autograph, but you could really **** him off by stealing his stuff and spray painting "I LOVE RANDY ORTON!" on his wall. If you hate him, he deserves his safety, (because I doubt you'd beat him without a weapon) and secondly, if you believe what he did to Triple H's family was true, it was planned.

Randy Orton real name?

Randell orton

Are Randy Orton and Kyle Orton brothers?


Are Randy Orton and Kyle Orton related?


Alexia l Randy Orton wife?

Randy Orton is married to Samatha Speno Orton

What nicknames does Bob Orton go by?

Bob Orton goes by Ace, and 'Cowboy' Bob Orton.

Is kyle orton related to Randy Orton?

As a matter of fact, YES, they are. the Orton family is/was very athletic. Kyle Orton is in the NFL, as Randy Orton is in the WWE, as his father, "Cowboy" Bob Orton was.

Does Randy Orton love Tiffany orton?

Randy Orton is married to Alexia Orton. Randy Orton's wife isn't named Alexia. Her name is Samantha.

Who won at summerslam Randy Orton or christian?

randy orton

Is bob orton and Randy Orton family?

Yes, Cowboy Bob Orton is Randy Orton's dad.

Who is better Randy Orton or edge?

Easy, Orton