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When is a ballot marked?

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During an election when someone casts their vote.

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A ballot marked and mailed in advance by a voter away from the place he/she is registered.

no one can watch you vote or look at your marked ballot

An absentee ballot is the printed ballot marked by an absent voter and sealed in a special envelope. Its purpose is to allow those who are unable to get to the polling place on election day to vote.

Whenever there is an election. November is a traditional time for big elections in the US.

a butterfly ballot is a ballot in the shape of a butterfly

The "secret" ballot, also known as the Australian ballot or Masachusetts ballot.

you ballot in australia

"Australian ballot" is a name for a secret ballot that is cast and counted in an anonymous format.

the antonym for ballot is disenfranchisement

Ballots is the plural of ballot.

An absentee ballot is canidates.absentee ballot for handicapped or those out of town or country electronic ballot votingpaper ballot voting systemsoon [ as there is voter registration,party affiliation registration,request for absentee ballot ] there will be vote by computer at home_office_hospital

The ballot with only the names of the candidates for the highest office appears is called The Short Ballot.

Obama and Biden are on the same ballot.

ballot or sample ballot

An "Australian ballot" is also known as a secret ballot, in which one's vote is cast in a private booth. a secret ballot provided at public expense (gradpoint)

The four parts of the "Australian Ballot" 1. The ballot paper is printed at public expense. 2. The ballot paper lists all candidates by position, as well as any other propositions. 3. Ballot papers are distributed only at the polling place. 4. Ballot papers are filled out by the voter in private. (secret ballot).

Absentee ballot; or, in some states, a mail-in ballot (that can be used by anyone).

A ballot paper is a voting form - a piece of paper upon which a vote is cast during a ballot.

Just means to cast your vote. (with a ballot)

An Absentee Ballot is used to vote when you know you cannot personally go to the polls. You have to request one, the ballot is mailed to you and you return the completed ballot via the mail.

A ballot is a card used to register a vote in an election, so to cast a ballot means to submit your vote.

The feature of the Australian ballot is that it is a secret ballot. The second is that the Australian ballot included the names of the all partiesÕ candidates. The third feature is that the Australian ballot is prepared by the state and is printed at public expense. The fourth and last feature is that the Australian ballot is distributed only by election officials at polling places.

I stuffed my ballot in the voting box.

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