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brain is fully developed when a child is born, otherwise the the child would not be able to control the functioning of their body correctly. however when people state that one's brain is not fully developed they mean the knowledge of the person (that he or she is not able to make the right decisions). and the knowledge will not be stoped until that person is deceived, therefore the knowledge of the brain never actually stops developing.

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Q: When is a brain fully developed?
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What age is the brain fully developed?

The human brain is fully-developed at about age 20.

Is the brain fully developed by the time a child reaches puberty?

the brain is almost developed. But we can say that after puberty the brain is fully developed.

How old are you when your brain is fully developed?


When fully developed is the anatomy of the brain unchanging?

Yes, when fully-developed, the anatomy of the brain is final, although the amount of neuron connections may grow.

Is the brain fully developed at the adolescent stage?

The most popular belief by scientists is that the brain is fully developed and matured in the late teens or early 20's, depending on the individual. The average would be 21.

Why is it that not many people can remember being born?

It is due to the fact that the brain is not fully developed. Actually it is not fully developed until around the age of 30.

Is tourette curable?

No, but there is a 50/50 chance it will go away when the brain is fully developed

Age that the human body is fully developed?

Around the age of 25 the brain finally matures, the brain is the last part of the body to fully mature so this should answer your question.

Do newborn giraffes die if they don't stand straight away?

their legs haven't fully developed and/or the brain hasn't grown fully

Why Should the drinking age be increased?

A persons brain isn't fully developed until your older; Roughly 23-26. It averages that a woman's brain is fully developed around 22 and a mans is developed around 24 (based on averages). Drinking can affect many brain functions; complicating your mental and physical abilities for the entirety of your life.

How much life experience is needed to apply the fully developed brain after age 23?

more then you have

What age is your brain fully developed?

science says in the mid twenties like 25 or 26.

Why do teens become dependent on drugs easier than adults?

because the brain is not fully developed

When is a baby fully developed?

Gestation normally takes 9 months, however, development progresses even into adulthood. For example, the brain isn't fully developed until a human's early twenties.

Does your head grow from the size it was when you were a baby?

yes because your brain has not fully developed, therefore, their head still needs to grow to fit their brain in!

What neurological growth is complete by puberty?

The brain is usually fully developed by the end of puberty. There is not much increase in the weight of brain after puberty is over.

What does fully developed mean?

tell me what fully developed means

What does not fully developed mean?

Not fully developed is partial formed.

Why is the legal drinking age 21?

Because by then has fully developed and drinking any earlier could damage their brain.

How is smoking weed for a baby bad?

i would say yes, its better to smoke weed when your brain is fully developed

What are the consequences of drinking underaged?

when you are under the age of 21 your brain is not fully developed and the alcohol can cause you permanent brain damage. Also you can have liver and other problems.

Why are some kids not smart?

cuz in some people there brain isn't fully developed yet so they arent that smart

Is it okay to when your 14?

uh NO ... don't make stupid decisions. your brain isn't fully developed until you're 25. the part that isn't fully developed until 25 is your frontal lobe which is your decision making part and emotional part.

What age does your brain fully develop?

Around the age of 11-12 your brain should be close enough to be fully developed your on crack bro the brain grows until the early to mid twenties the frontal lobe isn't even close to done maturing at age 11 -12.

Why is the drinking age 21?

Because part of your brain is not fully developed until you are 21 years old, so if you drink before then it could mess up the growth in your brain.