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Hi Neither of us can describe in words how a phase shifter sounds, but we do know that Eddie van Halen used one a lot; in fact he had MXR build one for him which is still in production. We suggest you go to a site like and read the description of one, and then you can buy one and try it in every musical situation you can think of: CLEAN, DISTORTION, before a compressor, after a flanger, set on 2, set on 10. If you decide you don't like it (because like all pedals it is a bit of a one-trick pony) you get 45 days to send it back for a full refund. Phil and Kev

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Q: When is a good time to use a phase shifter pedal during a song and does it sound better on a clean channel or on distortion channel and can anyone give some tips and some song examples?
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When is a good time to use a phase shifter pedal during a song and does it sound better on a clean channel or on distortion channel. And can anyone give some tips and some song examples Thank you.?


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