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Everyday is best friends day. :D

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June 8th

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Q: When is best friends day?
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What day is best friends day?

best friend day is august 15 you should do something cool i am going skating with my 5 friends at the golden s

What special day is June 8?

i think its best friends day

What do best friends celebrate yearly?

you can celebrate the day you became friends like your friendshipversary

At School I Hangout With My Friends But The Next Day They Dont Hangout With Me I just Hangout With My 2 Best Friends that are mean To me sometimes?

It is best to hang out with friends who aren't mean to you. Friends who are mean to you are not your friends.

What special day is June 8 2016?

I found out today is best friends day

When is the day you write your best friends name on your wrist?


What is the best day of the year to monkey around with you friends?

Friday or Saturday

What do i do if my two best friends' bat mitzvahs are on the same day and my mom will only let me go to one?

You need to talk to your 2 best friends about it.

Are best friends important?

Yes best friends are important!!! They are important because everyone needs someone to talk to and share their day with our maybe their problems!

What did Patrick give Spongebob on Best Friends day?

A giant ball of gum?

Is john cena and randy orton friends?

Randy And Cena are best friends and have been since their day at Ohio Valley. why randy orton and John Cena are fighting?

What is the plot of the movie 'Best Day Ever'?

The plot to the movie 'best day ever' is based upon SpongeBob himself who is ready to go out and see friends but ends up helping them with various different methods leaving him unhappy and annoyed that his day hasn't gone the way he planned, he then explains to his friends his feelings and they all create a moral about friendships and how friends create days of happiness. His friends then allow him to sing the song 'best day ever' based on story title, with their support, however they get restless and the audience soon leaves.