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Friday or Saturday

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Q: What is the best day of the year to monkey around with you friends?
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Most of 2004 is the Chinese year of the horse monkey or snake?

Monkey They even have commemorative coins stating it is the year of the monkey.

What are the years of the monkey in the Chinese zodiac?

The Monkey is the 9th year of the 12 year cycle in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calender. Monkey years include: 1932 - Water Monkey 1944 - Wood Monkey 1956 - Fire Monkey 1968 - Earth Monkey 1980 - Metal Monkey 1992 - Water Monkey 2004 - Wood Monkey 2016 - Fire Monkey 2028 - Earth Monkey 2040 - Metal Monkey

What is the year of 1992?

The year of the monkey.

What can you do for a best friend which you have been friends for a year?

be a good &best friend throughout my life

What should i do for my eleven year old best friends birthday?

You can take her to the movies and let her have fun with friends

In 1956 what year of the animal in year?


What animal in the Chinese new year was in 2004?

The animal that represented the Chinese New Year in 2004 was the monkey.

Is this the Year of the Monkey?

In Chinese Astrology, February 8th, 2016 to January 27th, 2017 is indeed The Year of the Monkey. Careful there, it also happens to be a Fire Monkey.

What year was Austin prod inc monkey with skull made?

Affe mit Schädel (monkey with skull) was created by Hugo Rheinhold and was first cast around 1893. My version of the statue is from 1902.

What was the animal in 1980 Chinese New Year?

The animal that represented the Chinese New Year in 1980 was the monkey.

How do you tell if a 13 year old girl is friends with you?

easy! I am friends with three 13 year olds and we talk all the time and we are the best of friends!!!! maybe you should say hi to her and go from there!!!!

Would justin bieber be best friends with a 10 year old girl?

Justin Bieber will only be friends with 10 year olds but he can't have a crush on a 10 year old