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Credibility is very important when someone is looking to sell something. This is important for employers looking for sales people.

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Why is it important to convey credibility to your customer?

The more credible your site,the more likely your prospect are to make contact with you

What questions might you ask in order to determine the credibility of online sources when is credibility more important and when is it less important Support your answers with specific examples?

The credibility of an online supplier may be determined by asking about the physical addresses and asking about other companies that they deal with. Samples of previous work portfolios can be reviewed in order to tell if an online contractor is genuine.

It is important to read newspaper?

That depends on the papers credibility.

Interest groups want more members so?

they will have more credibility with the government.Interest groups want more members for one reason. The one reason would be so they will have more credibility with the government.

What is initial credibility in communication?

Initial credibility is the credibility an individual has before beginning his or her speech; this is mostly based on the reputation and credentials of the speaker, if they are known to the audience. ... Think of terminal credibility as more of the lasting impression that an audience has of a speech and a speaker.

Why is it important to know who is the author for credibility?

It is very important to know the author of the material you are reading to ensure its credibility. An author who is an expert on the field that he is writing about is more reliable than someone who is just considered a secondhand source. Also, when you base your materials to credible authors, you are confident of getting the right information that you need.

What is the importance of credibility in the communication process?

It is important to have the education and history behind you when you are trying to be credible. Someone that hasn't proved themselves will have a hard time communicating credibility. A strong track record in business automatically provides credibility.

What are important roles that health care workers play in documentation confidentiality maintenance and credibility of the medical record?

What is the important role that healthcare workers play in documentation, confidentiality, main thence, and credibility of the medical recorded

Which is not important when writing a biography?

Choosing very old sources to enhance credibility.

What is lending of credibility?

"Credibility" is the state of being believable. An authority or statement a person is likely to believe has a lot of credibility. Sometimes other factors make such a source even more believable; in that case the other factors are said to "lend credibility" to the original statement or source. This means the same as to "add credibility". E.g. "I generally believe what Mr. X says about unemployment, and this recent report lends credibility to his statements."

What are alternative data gathering strategies and why are these important to research?

some of that are interviews etc. it helps the research to have more credibility and helps the researcher to have the easier way to gather data.

Why did floppy disks lose credibility?

They haven't lost credibility, but they have lost all purpose. They are no longer used because CD's and DVD's can hold a lot more information and are a lot more durable.

Why is technical documentation of code important?

Technical documentation of code is important because it establishes credibility. Documentation of code is also important to establish authority.

List three important principles for priority management at work?

ICE (Investment,Credibility,Exposure)

Why is it important for a company to purchase an internet domain name?

There are many reasons why it is important for a company to purchase an internet domain name. These include to form an identity and promote branding. More reasons are to increase credibility, professionalism, and for advertising and marketing.

How do you use credibility in a sentence?

Do you mean credibility? Your sentence, as written, has no credibility. To get into the college of your choice you have to have major credibilty.

Why is ethos important to writing?

Ethos is important in writing because it establishes your credibility as a writer. It also establishes the speaker's or writer's good character.

What is the antonym for the word credibility?

an antonym for credibility is unreasonableness

What part of speech is credibility?

The word credibility is a noun.

Why is representation so important?

it enables requirements definition, and drives the technical and fuctional credibility of a model or simulation.

A sentence with credibility?

The lawyer's strategy was to attack the credibility of the witness.

Credibility in a sentence?

Shelly lost her credibility when she lied to her parents.

What is the definition of credibility in history?

Credibility means something that is believable.

What does credibility means in tagalog?

Kredibilidad(credibility) - kakayahan (ability to do it)

What is the one sentence formal definition of credibility?

credibility means "believability."