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When is frasier season 10 coming out in the UK?

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When is season 11 of Pokemon coming out on DVD in the UK?

in December 10

When is south park season 14 coming out in the UK?

2 Days after the USA Airdate, UK is March 19th At 10:00 PM on Comedy central

When is Once Upon a Time season 3 coming out on DVD in the UK?

I am not sure when the Once a Time season 3 will be coming out on DVD in the UK. You will have to keep checking for updates.

When is Hannah Montana season 2 coming to the UK?

About in the Summer. yeah

When is Scrubs Season 8 coming out on DVD in UK?

It's out now.

When is vampire diaries coming back on in the UK season 3?


When is 90210 season 4 coming to the uk?

next year January

When is burn notice season 2 coming to UK tv?

It has been already aired on UK tv

When season 3 The Mentalist in UK?

'The Mentalist' season 3 will premiere in the UK on Friday 21-10-11 (Channel 5)in the UK.

When is season 2 of the vampire diaries coming out in the UK?

October 5, 2010

When is glee season 2 volume 2 coming out on DVD in the UK?

It already did.

When is Pretty Little Liars Season 2 coming out in the UK?

June 14

When is house of anubis season 2 coming on in the uk?

Around aprilish I think!

When is supernatural season 6 coming back on in UK?

It should be back early February in the UK and is already out in the US.

When is season 7 of supernatural coming out in UK?

It is still not certain if MTV is buying season 7 or not. So there is no date.

When is Pretty Little Liars Season 3 coming out in the UK?

Season 2 hasn't finished airing in the US. Season 2 is also currently airing on MTV in the UK. Season 2 has completely aired in the US and UK, and will be returning to the US on June 5th. The UK should get the season by June 15th to MTV.

Is Smallville season 10 starting right after season 9 ends in UK?

Smallville season 10 has not yet been given a air date for the UK but will air in the US on 24 September 2010.

Is there a season 10 of ncis out there?

no NCIS have not made a season 10, they have just finished showing season 8 in the us i think but hopefully they will continue too season 10 and beyond.hope that helpsYes there is a season 10 of NCIS, it starts on the 25th September 2012 in the US. In the UK - season 8 has just finished in the UK and they still need to show season 9.

When does season 10 of csi start in the UK?

No season ten show ends for good with season 9

Exact date of release of ghost whisperer season 3 in the UK?

It's not coming out in the UK sorry. Cheery 0!

Ben 10 alien force UK?

Ben 10 Alien Force Is Coming To UK On 16th February 2009.

When Gossip Girl season 3 coming back in the UK?

it is out in America in September so it probely out in the UK early nxt year

When is wolverine and the x-men season 2 coming out on tv UK?

Wolvrine and the x men season/ volume is coming out on July 21/09 so you will have to wait a while

When is season 3 of h2o just add water coming to thhe UK?

January, 2009

Is there or is there going to be a season four of battlestar galactica?

yes there is (it is coming out to the UK June on sky one)

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