When is it appropriate to make a follow up phone call after sending out a resume and what does one say?

Typically, I advise to follow up as follows: If it was a solicited resume (you've communicated with them in some way, and they asked you to send your resume), then 48 hours after your emailed resume was opened (or 4 business days after physically mailing it). If it was an unsolicited resume (no prior contact with the company), then wait 5 business days after your emailed resume was opened, or 7 business days after physically mailing it. Simply put, ask the following: "Hi, this is ______, I was calling to check in with you about the resume I sent for the position as _____. I wanted to make sure you received it, and to see if you had any questions that I could answer." It's simple, non-confrontational, and non-begging. Best of luck! -kris And definitely do the above. I called for a follow-up once and was informed they'd never seen my resume. I faxed it through and got an interview that day.